Manything – Use Your Old iPhone As A Home Surveillance Kit

A few weeks ago I discovered an app called Manything. It’s an app that uses an iOS-device camera as a Surveillance Camera.

The installation process is really easy. You just install the app on the device that you’re using, and on the device (-s) that you want to use as the surveillance cam, and off you go.

When Manything starts you can connect to the “surveillance phone” and watch a live stream, but not only that. Every time a person moves in front of the cam you can have a signal sent to you, together with a clip of what the cam “have seen”.

This must be one of the easiest download-decisions if you have an old iPhone or an iPad lying around at home.

Click on the images to go to Manything:s homepage.

Apple’s Free App of the Week – Spark Camera

Apple is marketing a new app each week. An app that will be given away for free for a limited time. This week the free app is Spark Camera. After Thursday it will be back on normal price level ($1.99)

Link to the app

Description from App Store

App Store Best of 2013 and Apple Editors’ Choice
Spark Camera supports iPhone 4S and higher.
Shoot, edit and share beautiful movies in seconds with Spark. Here’s how it works:

•Press & hold anywhere to record, release to stop
•Do this as many times as you’d like to create multiple clips
•Slide to change filters during playback
•Tap the music note to add a song from your library
•Tap the save button to save to your camera roll
•Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, or email!

Spark lets you to record, enhance, and share life’s best moments through beautiful HD videos. What ignites a spark in your life? A gorgeous sunrise, an afternoon with friends at the beach, a kid’s smile… whatever it may be, the world is full of inspirational moments; capture them with Spark Camera.


•Take as many Sparks as you’d like
•Create HD 720p videos
•Add music from your music collection
•Apply high quality filters
•String together up to 45 seconds of footage
•Share via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, and AirDrop
•Delete the last clip captured if you want to reshoot
•Have unlimited Sparks in progress
•Save to your Spark gallery as well as your camera roll

Final Cut
• Import videos from camera roll
• Rearrange clips
• Delete any clip
• Trim beginning or ending of clips

3-in-1 Macro Lens From Olloclip

Olloclip has just released a new 3-in-1 Macro Lens. For those of you who have read this blog before, you know that I’ve tested those lenses before (search on Olloclip in the search field for more information), and I really like the result. I’ve ordered one of those to get a better view on it in reality, and I’ll get back with some reviews after getting my hands on them.

Meanwhile, you can find more information here

Current Best Photo Editor App for iPhone / iPad – Photo Toaster

During the time of this blog I’ve now and then written reviews about best photo apps for iPhone / iPad. Some of the apps have been about the editing part, while others have been filter apps and so on. There haven’t been one app that has it all.


Now we’re close to that; the new version of Photo Toaster brings together almost all of my apps into one.

The apps that I’ve used most frequent has been Photoshop Express, for reducing noise, and handling levels like exposure, temp, tint, saturation and so on. 645 Pro for B/W. Snapseed and Photo Editor for harder effects and so on. All these features are now available in one single app – Photo Toaster.

Even though I think that Photoshop Express still is better at reducing the noise, Photo Toaster is “good enough”, and I guess I can say that about all those features. The benefit of keeping all of those features into one app is higher than the workflow of using several apps.

And on the topic of workflow. I really like that shortcut to the “recent edits”. Great small feature which saves a lot of time.

The app is currently priced at $2.99 and I think that it may be your best $2.99 investment at the moment.

Since my on/off button is broken which leaves my out of an easy way to take screen dumps, I’ve just attached the app’s own preview.

Best wishes for Saturday

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The Best Things Comes In Small Packages?

During the last days almost all the major brands have released new camera models. What they all have in common is that the size of the camera houses are getting significantly smaller.

Sony released the tiny A7 with full frame sensor, and yet changeable lenses. A camera that I think looks really interesting. Review here

Panasonic released their GX7. Once again, a tiny camera with a really impressive specification. In this case a Micro Four Third sensor. Full review here

Also Nikon release a new model of their smallest DSLR, the D5300. Now with WiFi, GPS and enhanced ISO-performance.

They all have one thing in common, the demand for smaller cameras are increasing. Can you imagine watching a photographer in the year of 2020 with a 40 cm lens? Neither can I.

What I think may drive the camera manufacturers might be the increasing quality in our everyday smartphones. For every day they are getting more and more traction, and I guess the smallest pocket cameras have a really tough battle to fight against the phones.

If you haven’t seen any images from the new iPhone 5S, that is one of the opponents of the traditional pocket cameras, I can recommend this good article.

Free iPhone photo app review – Vintage

This is quite traditional filter-app The difference between this and most of the current filter-apps may be that there are fewer filters to use, and filters that are the opposite of subtle.

I’m not the biggest fan of using filters, but when I use them I want to use them in a way that it really shows that filter’s been used. With that said, this app contains some really nice ones, if you like to use filters.

If you download the free app you’ll have to live with some ads, but I don’t think that they are too annoying.

The test photo is a photo I took with my iPhone 5. Below it, you’ll find the same photo after the Vintage app is used, and at the bottom you’ll find two screen shots.

© Pedro Hansson - Original iPhone Photo before "Vintage"
© Pedro Hansson – Original iPhone Photo before “Vintage”
© Pedro Hansson - Original iPhone Photo after "Vintage"
© Pedro Hansson – iPhone Photo after “Vintage”
Screen Shots from the app Vintage
Screen Shots from the app Vintage
© Pedro Hansson - Screen Shot, Vintage
© Pedro Hansson – Screen Shot, Vintage

11 composition tips for taking great photos with your iPhone

© Pedro Hansson - Swedish Landscape
© Pedro Hansson – Swedish Landscape

This is a really good beginners tutorial of the basics in photography and fits well if you’re interested in photography, and want to improve your photos to the next level.

Link to the article – 11 composition tips for taking great photos with your iPhone

One of the best new features in iOS7 – a well kept secret?

This may not come out as a new “sexy”, hot feature in the new iOS, but I think it’s one of the best; the possibility to use several networks at the same time – Multipath TCP.

Before Multipath TCP you could experience a lost internet connection when you were connected to internet through WiFi, and the connection suddenly went down. All traffic on the phone also went down, instead of just using 3G/4G. This is now possible. If the WIFI-connections goes down, the phone will  seamlessly use the fastest connection instead, of the lost WiFi-connection. Great improvement!

I guess this will result in more mobile traffic, but the user experience will improve significantly.

For a more technical report -> Click here
For a free mobile background -> Click here
For some tips on iOS7 -> Click here

More connected – but more alone?

This video really made me think about the modern way of spending time with each other. The topic is far from new, but I think this short movie really put its finger on today’s society, and I’m the first to agree that I’m absolutely one of those who should think more about this.

So, why are we always “on our way”, instead of grasping the moment we’re in?

iPhone iOS 7 – Some thoughts after using the new iOS for a month

Some thoughts about iOS7 after using it for one month

Since we’re developing apps for iOS I’m part of the beta testing team that will use their coming upgrades before they are released, and report issues back to Apple, to have them corrected.

(See also – One of the best new features in iOS7 – a well kept secret?)

iPhone iOS7

This new upgrade is both a big upgrade, at the same time as it’s not. It’s big in terms of GUI, the icons are “flat” now instead of “floating”/3D. I really don’t know if I like this more than the old one. I’ve got used to it, but at the same time I miss some of the old beautiful icons. It’s a small change in the overall usage.

Photo 2013-08-28 11 30 23

One new feature is the possibility to have more than one screen in each icon-folder, but at the same time there are fewer icons in every screen. Both good and bad there as well.

Photo 2013-08-28 11 31 13

The camera has been upgraded and I think it has gotten better with live filters, easier access to functions and some new nice features as “square” for all instagrammers (my nick is btw on instagram is @pedrohansson).

Photo 2013-08-28 11 31 42

What I thought for almost 24 hours was a big flaw in this new OS, was that I couldn’t reach spotlight to the left of my home screen. With over 600 apps installed that it was a downgrade. But of course there was a new way of doing that, that actually is better. Wherever you are in your iOS-screens you can just put your finger on the screen, hold it down for a short time and drag it down. Voila! There’s spotlight.

Photo 2013-08-28 11 45 14

The new fast access screen (that you access by dragging your finger from the bottom upwards) is also a highly appreciated function that should’ve been there years ago.

Photo 2013-08-28 11 45 05

Siri seems to have had a major upgrade. A more personalized feeling and I think a better understanding of follow-up questions. It’s starting to be really impressing.

What is really nice in the new iOS is the multi tasking screen where you can reach all apps that currently are running. This screen is now a full screen with “live shots” from each and every app running. Great GUI!

What’s more to say? Well there are many many small changes here and there and I think this is a really good new iOS. I just wonder if it’s enough to keep the Androids behind.

I will continue to use iPhone since my whole home is built around it, AND it’s always working which I think is the number one feature with the iPhone. You just start it and use. No need to turn off GPS, no need for “app killers” since they are running out your batteries and so on. So Apple, I will stick with you for a while more, but I hope we will see some new cool, mind blowing functionality, in the future, as we were used to in the past.

Free Mobile Background – iOS7 lock screen

This is a photo I took with my old iPhone 4S in Gothenburg last year. It’s also my current iPhone background. If you would like to use it, I’ll give it a way;  free to use. Just click on the image down below, and the source photo will be opened. Right click on the newly opened image, save image, and then it’s ready for import to your phone.

P.S If you haven’t seen the next layout for Apple iPhones / iPads (iOS) this is it’s lock screen D.S

© Pedro Hansson - Gothenburg Road
© Pedro Hansson – Gothenburg Road

Photography – Paid Apps that are currently free – iOS

If you like to try out new photo apps for your iPhone / iPad you might enjoy some paid apps that are currently free for a short period. Click on the name of the app for a direct link to each app.


If you like to add text:s to your photos this app may be what you’re looking for. Normal price $1, now free.

iColorfulsoft Photo Editor

A typical Photo Editor app, with quite a lot of functionality built into it. Even though it says that the app used to cost $21 and now’s out for free it’s not the full truth. I checked the history of the app and they increased the price on the 10:th of July from $1 to $21. Maybe a good advertising trick. Anyhow, it seems like a good app even though I’ve not tried it out that much yet.

Vintage Camera Pro

A traditional “filter app” in the same tradition as many others. Some nice ones if you like to add new filters to your vault.

Soundtracking for Spotify, iOS and Android – new app to share and discover music, with your Instagram pics attached

I’ve just logged in to the app Soundtracking on my Spotify account, right after I’ve got the news about this new music and image sharing app. I think the idea behind the app is really good; to instantly and easy share your music among your friends straight from your mobile or from within Spotify and add your own Instagram pics attached to your suggestions.

My user name in the app is (of course 🙂 ) saarimner; so if you wan’t to find your first friend there just add me.

As you might have discovered in the screen capture above I didn’t figure out that I should have deleted the first image from my first choice 🙂

If you’re using Spotify you’ll find the app under the app finder on the left hand side. It’s currently down on 28:th place in the app list, but as it’s featured in the app suggestions so I guess that may change rapidly.

For me it sounded a bit strange at first to mix your music suggestions with your images, but the more I think about it, I guess it’s all about creativity and I think they’ll actually fit quite well together.

Soundtracking – Screen Capture iOS

In the iOS app you find all the functionality you’re searching for easy accesible. If you’re used to use apps like Shazaam for capturing music around you, you’ll find a way to that as well in the app. On the downside, if you don’t have a Spotify account you’ll just have the possibility to listen to previous or buy the songs from iTunes. Other than that I really think that this will be an app that I use quite often to discover and share new music and fitting pics to it.

If you currently are a user, or you try it out for the first time it would be great to hear you thoughts around it.

Take care

iPhone Photo App Review – 645 PRO

At the moment I’m in Barcelona for work. While being here I’ve tried out a new photo app – 645 Pro. This is  quite different iPhone photo app than many others due to it’s layout, and ambition to be a “close to professional” iPhone app.

Screen dump

I really like the graphical layout and the feeling in the app, but sometimes the adjustments are a little bit tricky due to it’s tiny buttons. On the other hand I wouldn’t (like one of the comments indicated in App Store) like to have a smaller preview screen either so I guess it’s just a matter of priority.

Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona

At the moment I’ve just used it for essentially B&W-photos which I think are really good. I especially like the feeling the B&W pics get. On the other hand I think that one of the best strengths is the quality and control factor (like the focus handling and live preview solution), but I haven’t explored all the possibilities yet. I can comment on that in a later post.

Arlanda Airport – With 645Pro

This is an app that I think I personally will use more and more often because there are continuously things to explore within the app, and sometimes – as other things in life – the best things are the one’s where you don’t see it all on your first look.

Looong time

It’s been WAY to long since I wrote a post on this blog. I guess there’s been a lot, and I think I just needed a break from it all. It’s really strange sometimes; when I receive the most cheerful wishes and, in this case, suddenly attract so many viewers than ever before It’s so easy to start to feel pressure, and with pressure it’s so easy to loose motivation. Strange huh?

Anyway, I will go back to write the things I care about, the things that matters and things that I find important, beautiful, noteworthy and of course things that I think about. In short, things that I would like to share on this blog, together with all of you who read this.

Recently I, once again, started a little project with my iPhone – Summer through my iPhone (as part of the iPhone Photography project – What I see through my iPhone lens). The project will be all about sharing some pics from the summer of 2012. I hope you enjoy it.

The first picture in this series is a picture I took on friday in a harbor in Skärholmen, south of stockholm of a “Jinny Joe” taken with my iPhone and my new little fellow friend, the Macro lens.


So.. let’s talk soon again 🙂 In the mean time. Best wishes to all of you who might read this blog.

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – 20€ Macro lens test

Last week I read a post on the internet about a macro lens for iPhone. The post was really positive even though the hardware had a cost of €20! I thought it sounded really strange. Can a macro lens for an iPhone be of any good, and can it cost you only €20?

So during this great easter holiday in Sweden I thought that I should try it out so I bought one two days ago. When I first held it my hands I thought it was some kind of a joke. Could these tiny bits really produce anything?!

Of course, if you compare it to normal Macro lenses you will get really disappointed, but if you look at it as a fun gadget to bring you around (and I can tell you it’s addictive!!) it’s great!

These are some shots I took during my first day with the lens, and at the bottom you’ll see what they look like in real.

@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - My favorite sample shot of iPhone Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - The Macro lens kit (headphones only for comparison)

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – NK, a little bit more creative

This is a photography of NK, a store in the middle of Stockholm. I normally don’t like too heavy usage of filtering, but I think it worked pretty ok in this photo. The photo is taken with Pro HDR for getting both the “motion-effext of people walking” as well as more depth in over- underexpsed areas, and edited with Snapseed and Phototoaster for the more artistic feeling.

Hope you’ll have a great sunday, and don’t get tooo fooled

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – Ulriksdal

This picture is taken at Ulriksdals Park in Stockholm, just beside one of the Royal Castles. I normally don’t use heavy filtering on my photos but on rare occasions I think it adds the atmosphere that I’m searching for, and this is a time when I thought it came out ok.

The picture is taken with the normal iPhone cam and the filter and framing is from the app Magic Hour. I’ve done some final touching up with blemishes in Photoshop afterwards, as well as adding a signature.

For more pictures in this category, click “Stockholm through my iPhone lens” in the meny on the left

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.
~Chinese Proverb

@ Pedro Hansson - Ulriksdal Castle, park

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – Sunset over Lake Mälaren

This is a picture taken of the sunset, the 13:th of March. The view is over Lake Mälaren and the picture is taken in Stockholms archipelago.

The apps used for creating this pic is HDR Pro and Photoshop Express for reducing noise.

© Pedro Hansson - Sunset over Lake Mälaren - iPhone

Stockholm through my iPhone lens

This is the first real week in Stockholm with “full spring”. In Sweden this is some amazing days. It seems like everyone just un-freezes from the Winter and there are happy people all around.

What’s also really amazing when spring arrives (as in the autumn) is the lighting conditions for photo. I can’t exactly tell you what it is but I think it get’s so much easier to get good shots, even with an iPhone-camera, so I’ve been quite busy taking pics during the days this week.

First of is a pic of Kungsgatan two days ago during lunch hour. What I like with this view is that there are very few who takes any pictures here (maybe it’s due to looking silly on a shopping street.. I don’t know 🙂 ) while I think this view holds one of Stockholm’s nicest views of great architecture.

This pic is taken with HDR and then adjusted with Photo Toaster to get a touch of an older look.

I hope you all have a have a great week!

@ Pedro Hansson - Kungsgatan Stockholm, Sweden

A true Christmas story

We’re approaching Christmas; a time when most of us will ask ourselves the question “was I a good person this year?”. There will also be a lot of “good” stories, and to be frank I love many of those stories, they aim at keeping us as good as we possibly can.

So, if you heard all the stories of Christmas before, you might know what will happen. With this story you won’t. It’s a true story with all parts of Christmas in it.

Hope you enjoy!

Link to the story

Stockholm 2011 - 12 -02 - Hötorget - iPhonepic
(c) Pedro Hansson - Stockholm 2011 - 12 -02 - Hötorget - iPhonepic

iPhone Photo App review – Photo Toaster Jr.

Photo Toaster Jr is an iPhone Camera app that delivers quality filters to the iPhone. At least in terms of being an app for the phone. Many of the filters are just there to improve your pictures and let you show the reality, as it actually was.

The app is free but you have to live with the ads (but I guess that’s a small price to pay when the app is as good as it really is).

Image of Stadskyrkan in Piteå


  • “easy-to-use” – 4
    Since there are so much functionality I’m not sure how all the functionality will benefit everyone. The app is all about try, point and click.
  • Image Quality – 6 (as an iPhone-app)
    I think many of my images get the touch up they deserve with this app and I think that many of my pictures looks more true to the real motive after using the app, instead of apps like Hipstamatic that creates an image that’s more artistic.
  • Creativity – 4
    Many fillters and many functions but I guess it’s more in a photographic way. Maybe the app deserves a 6 for not being to creative? 🙂
  • Level of usage – 5
    Easy-to-use, great “save functions” and really quick makes this one of the apps that I really use frequently.
  • Overall score – 5
    Really good, quick and easy to use!

Stockholm, early morning – Drottninggatan

In Stockholm we have a pedestrian street called Drottninggatan where the city council have put down famous quotes in shiny steel. This is a picture from earlier today on my way to work when the streets were still pretty empty.

Drottninggatan in Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - iPhone-photo

Top 100 iPhone apps

As some of you might know I’m totally addicted to new apps in my iPhone, and quite frankly I’m surprised how often I use many of these apps. The last time I counted I had 540 apps installed, and it’s increasing almost every day. A little embarrassing, isn’t it?

It’s very rare that such an app-addicted person as me finds a list with totally new apps, this great top-100 list is doing just that! Go ahead and check it out! Best iPhone-list I’ve seen so far.

-> Top-100 iPhone-app-list


iPhone used at some parts of the movie “The Avengers”!

As some of you have found out I’m a quite heavy user of using my phone as a camera, but this was a true surprise. Seamus McGarvey, the man behind the movie “The Avengers” now reveals that some shots in the movie actually was made with… an Iphone!

Read more after this jump ->

Free app – Burst mode

Maybe you have tried to capture a golf swing or fast flying object with your mobile cam. I guess you sometimes missed that opportunity due to the (compared to your DSLR) slow camera.

Burst mode is an app that takes multiple shots and you can then choose which one’s you wanna save. Quite handy sometimes.

The app used to cost $2 but now it’s free (for a limited time?). A little app to try out during your weekend walk? (Btw, do you notice the slight optical illusion on the right pic?)

Link to App store – Burst mode

Burst mode mzl.hyskxsks.320x480-75

iOS5, the first 24 hours

So, the first 24 hours with the new iOS is coming to an end. At first it seemed to be a lot of struggling but I must say it’s an impressive upgrade! At one hand you hardly can’t see the difference, but on the other hand it’s so much functionality bundled together with your everyday use of the phone that I think it’s hard to go back to the old version.

The main benefits in my opinion so far:

  • iCloud is far better than I thought. When it was released I almost compared it to Dropbox, but this is so much more. To get all your pictures directly into Aperture on your Mac and at the same time get them in your iPad and so on is amazing! This actually makes my old iPad come to better use (since it doesn’t have a cam), and I guess iCloud is the best feature all over.
  • The drop down panel is also really good. I used to have a couple of Androids before and this feature is probably the one that I missed the most. You can move faster to the things that happens in your communication with others.
  • iMessage seems really neat. Works perfectly. On the other hand it almost feels like a clone to “What’s app”.
  • GUI-enhancement. It seems like GUI-enhancements have been made all over. It’s really subtle if you don’t think about it, but the typefaces in the messaging and some symbols have changed face and it actually looks a little bit more modern.
  • Finally get rid of the cable to connect to iTunes. This is one of the features that have been the most hard to understand. Finally you can drop that cable and just download things “over air”.

On the negative side I can think of two main things to complain (a little) about:

  1. The upgrade was a little bit frustrating (in Apple-terms) due to all icons loosing their old structure, even though I’m one of those that find pleasure in trying things out
  2. A little lack of performance. At first it seemed like a big drop, and after some hours I couldn’t see any drop at all but I think there is a little bit more lagging.


Upgrade to iOS5 – part 2, and lion OS 10.7.2 – updated

Day after upgrading to Apple iOS5; my experiences so far:

  • The phone still feels a little bit laagy. especially when I’m in app store (and if you’ve read my previous post you know that I’ve visited app store like 300 times already. If I would’ve owned a 3GS I would’ve waited for some more information on the performance.
  • My apps haven’t returned so I still have to manually reinstall them from app store. A time-consuming task to say the least. UPDATE: I’ve found a way around this. Just launch iTunes at your computer and sync the programs once more. I lost all my folders so all the apps are just hanging around but at least I don’t need to manually install every single one through iCloud.
  • iCloud feels even better than yesterday. The experience to take a pic with the phone and seconds after see it in Aperture is amazing
  • Upgrading my iMac to the new Lion 10.7.2 went really easy. The only problem I’ve got was a duplication of my calendars. That was easy resolved with just deleting one copy under preferences

After the first 12 hours after upgrading my conclusion it that I would’ve waited a few days to upgrade if I wasn’t REALLY interested in just get some experience with the new iOS and I didn’t mind struggling a bit to get there. I still haven’t succeeded in upgrading my iPad (still get an error message at the end of the upgrade process). I guess I will end up deleting it and then reinstall from my backup. UPDATE: Earlier this morning I finally (3:rd attempt) got things to work (maybe this was due to installing the Lion upgrade before?!) and it works great. The problem with the apps, like I had on the iPhone I’ve on the iPad aswell. Apart from that everything now works fine and I also think that the performance is back.

Image Stream in iOS5
Image Stream (Bildström in Swedish) in iOS5 - Image transferred by Image Stream after screen shot from my iPhone

Upgrading to iOS5

Tonight was the night when the final release of iOS5 was about to be released. With a cup of coffee in my hand I eagerly waited for the upgrade to reveal itself in iTunes, and suddenly, there it was.

I’m a quite heavy user so my phone is stuffed with things, so I was prepared for a pretty long, timewise, upgrade. After a little more than 1 hour I was finished.

My initial reactions so far:
– I notice a slight decrease in speed performance due to the heavier OS but I’m not sure yet whether this is because I still have a lot of things to handle before everything’s up or if it just me searching for differences
– The upgrade process was pretty sleek, no bigger worries but on my iPad I’m actually still struggling. Keeps getting an upgrade error. But as always with Apple products it’s just to start all over again
– iCloud really feels like a bigger thing than I initially thought it would be. It’s actually pretty nice to have all your photos (for instance) instantly uploaded to your iPad and iMac when you have taken them
– I’ve always had some problems with “” but now when the services are all pulled together, it seems like those problems have been resolved with the iCloud-solution
– The biggest problem I’ve had so far is that a large portion of my 400 app’s (yes I know it’s a little bit weird) doesn’t get installed so I need to manually press the “iCloud”-button to install those that aren’t there already. With the iCloud-button i mean the service that Apple released during the summer where all your apps are synced between your iTunes-account, your phone and iPad. Quite neat and it works perfectly. Even though the service works perfectly it’s quite time consuming to enter that button, go to the screen where the icon is, go back to iTunes and click the next one.. and do this for all my apps.
– The new reminder-app seems really good at first glance. Haven’t for obvious reasons been able to try it so much yet.

If you’ve upgraded and wan’t to share your thought’s I’m really curious about how things went.

20110917 Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - Picture of Slussen in Stockholm - Photo date 2011-09-17

Part 2 of this article