Truly Feel Good Story! – Paraplegic Woman Surfs By Harnessing Herself To Her Sons Friends Back

Some 18 years ago, Pascale was reportedly left paralyzed from a car accident that injured her spinal cord. With the help of a friend her dream of surfing eventually came true.

Playing For Change – Stand By Me

I’ve totally missed this project before. One song, musicians and singers from all over the world. Great project! – From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes the first of many “songs around the world” being released independently. Featured is a cover of the Ben E. King classic by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe.

All for one, one for all

This may be one of the most touching videos I’ve seen. The story behind it, is that Rooie Mark, 54 years old has a deadly disease and only have a short time left. One of his last wishes is to watch Feyenoord one more time. However, the season hasn’t started yet so his friends arrange the possibility for him to watch the first training of the season. What Rooie didn’t know was that the fans and players had prepared something really special for him.

Soccer isn’t all about people fighting in the stands.

Rooie passed, sadly, away just three days later.

P.S If you don’t have time to watch the full video (even though I think you should), click on this link for a short photo version D.S

My source for this is

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies

Today we have one of our biggest holidays in Sweden, The Midsummer. Compared to our national day, this one totally outshines in matters of preparation, traditions and so on.

So if you want to have some insight into one of our famous traditions, watch this video. The video is all real, but I guess it’s a big understatement in many ways. 🙂

Swedish Midsummer is sure a crazy party when you look at it from an outside : – )

Astronomers view of earth – the overview effect

What an amazing video this is! If you just have 90 seconds, you’ll get the big picture (literally), at the very start of the video. If you have more, you’ll in for some spectular views of earth, and some really interesting thoughts about us, we, the earth in space.

Actually, I think a video like this in some minor way can change our view of the world, our planet or “spaceship in space”.

Like poetry – One of the coolest f1-tracks ever?

For me Formula1 is poetry.

F1 is intense, every millimeter counts, the heat, the sound, the tension… and all of a sudden everything can be lost.

I’m not the kind of person who generally speaks about the good old days, in fact I believe that we’re living in the best days in history, just right now.

But when I see videos like this, I can’t help feeling a little jealous about things back then, when everyone wasn’t so afraid of everything, and people lived for the moment, not fighting to live the longest.

That was a little poetic for a short clip of f1, don’t you think? But the fact still stands, isn’t this one of the coolest F1-tracks ever?

Joe Bonamassa

Over the years two of my friends Anders Byström and Anders Granström have kept talking about Joe Bonamassa and how amazing he is. I always enjoyed the music, but during this Christmas he’s rosen from an artist I enjoy to one of my all time favorites. The concert from Royal Albert Hall is one of his best, and my personal favorites from that concert are Happier Times, Ballad of John Henry and Just god paid.

Attached you’ll find a Youtube-link to the complete concert. If you have the bandwidth, make sure you’re watching the HD-version.

Hope you had a nice Christmas, and the best for 2013!

Tuesday – Music

Today this post will include four songs from different genres. Christmas (of course), Pop, soft and some hard rock.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sarah Dawn Finer – Winter Song

First Aid Kit – Wolf

Wall – Something on your mind

This is as intimate as Music gets. Perfect for a slow evening, a dinner ro chat with some friends OR just enjoying music. Lyla Foy’s vocals, in combination with the slow cover of Karen Dalton’s hit “Something on your mind” is a perfect mix.

Saint Deamon – My heart

For me this feels like a combination of Europe and Hammerfall (?). And by that I think you’ve already found out that its old school hard rock. I really like the melodies, and the vocals are great.

Piano stairs – The Fun Theory

This was a small project that some creative people made back in 2009. The project aimed at doing our every day a little more enjoyable and to change people’s behavior for the better. I think they by far succeeded. 🙂

I hope we’ll see this made again

Amazing version on Fairytale of New York

Yesterday a F1-friend of mine showed me this amazing version of Fairytale of New York.

Katzenjammer, Ben Caplan And The Trondheim Soloists – Fairytale Of New York from Stene Osmundsen on Vimeo.

Best wishes for the weekend!

Spotifylink: Katzenjammer – A Fairytale Of New York

Saarimner on Facebook

As an experiment I’ve set up a page on Facebook. The page will be a way to be noticed when there are new things published on this blog. It may also be a better way to share thoughts and ideas in a better way?

The link to the new page is

Welcome to visit

Time Lapse of Planes

Beautiful Time Lapses:
“Five hours of plane landing in 30 seconds” and “Landings at San Diego International”

As the holidays are getting closer many of us will fly “home” to our loved and close ones. When I was younger I used to be really afraid of flying, and every single trip was a long preparation. Which aircraft were I supposed to fly with, what were the accident rates, what are the actual odds of anything happening and so on.

Earlier today I found these two amazing time-lapse videos of planes, landing. What the most of us experience as smooth landings doesn’t look that smooth when they are time lapsed. Notice that the camera is still, and the planes are moving around, not the opposite, in the last one.

I think that these two clips would’ve been a big therapy back in those days, in the preparation of getting “home”.

The technique, with taking out the blue and use it as a “green screen”, seems btw really interesting.

I hope you have a great start of the week.

From Petapixel
Distributed by Petapixel, made by Cy Kuckenbaker

Link to Cy Kuckenbaker

…and the clips:

To read more about how the video was made, click here

Original link:

First glimpses of Austin F1 track and future Formula E (supported by FIA)

Last weekends race was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Vettel’s impressive drive, Raikkonens impressive win for Lotus, Hamilton flying in the front before retiring, Rosberg flying over Karthikeyan, Kimi snapping off his second race engineer, Grosjean driving rally (as always) and so on, and so on.

So I guess there are many out there that are as excited as me moving on to the next race, Austin Texas. The first time there. I watched a few videos about the track and it feels like it can get exciting. High speed straights and really technical corners. Can be a lot of fun!

On-board simulator drive

Flying over the track

and while we’re talking about future things…

From their site:

Initially expected in 2013, this championship will begin in 2014 in Rio de Janeiro

About the electric open-wheelers, they must be approved by the FIA to participate in the championship, therefore, Formula E will be open to other teams but the Formulec EF01 is the referent vehicle, 10 teams and 20 drivers will compete for the championship in the world’s major cities.