Nicky – Great Debut Single, “Wake Up”

Great debut by Nicky (Åslund), from Oxelösund in Sweden!

There are so many “guy/girl sings with a guitar”-artists out there, but this guy truly stands out. A voice that leaves no one without an opinion.

Wake up is written by Nicky
Produced by Timeland
Video by Judith Film

Swedish Music: Vita Bergen – Disconnection

Since over 90% of this blog’s visitors comes from other countries than Sweden, I try to give samples of the Swedish Music scene. This is a new Swedish project called Vita Bergen (White Mountains in english). A great group, with a modern/contemporary sound. As always when I hear new music I’m starting to look for similarities with other artists, and with Vita Bergen I think you’ll find some strong influences from groups like Arcade Fire.

Vita Bergens music can be described as pompous, melodic with heavy synth drapes in the background.

Even though “Curtains” seems to be their own first choice from this EP, I think that the track Disconnection is even better. Great track, and a great debut from this Swedish group!

Link to official page

4 Tracks – 4 Different Genres

If you find any of the songs interesting, I’ve opened up my public “starred folder” for those that are interested in more tips. Guess all genres are represented in that list so be prepared for many tracks you may not like. You’ll find the list here.
Simple Minds – Big Music

This is the title song from Simple Minds new album Big Music. Really really like the bombastic sound! Great comeback from a great band!

Atmospheric / Club / Lounge
Juventa, Erica Curran – Move Into The Light

For over a minute there is just a long upbeat instrumental intro followed by the whisperous voice of Erica Curran. Great for getting into that “evening-out-feeling”.

James Blake – Retrograde

Symphonic Hardrock
Within Temptation – Paradise

The Dutch group Within Temptation (with branch colleagues like Nightwish, Tarja, Sirenia among others) is delivering a compact symphonic piece.

Swedish Music Legend Christian Falk Has Passed Away

The Swedish Club Music legend Christian Falk has passed away due to cancer, just 52 years of age.

For those that haven’t heard his great music, you’ll find a link to one of his albums – Quel Bordel here. Christian Falk has been a frequent topic on this blog. Both as a musician in the Swedish group Blacknuss Allstars, as well as for his great club music such as this song.

R.I.P Christian Falk

Music: Favorite Track 2013

My favorite “track discovery” from last year is Frank Oceans “Strawberry Swing”, a version of Coldplay’s track with the same name. I totally love Coldplay, but I think that Frank Ocean’s version is absolutely amazing! What an awesome track!

Another track from the same album, is a “semi-cover” of Eagles song Hotel California, named “American Wedding”. A great track with those great lyrics that Frank Ocean always delivers.

American Wedding
(link to Spotify-track: F.O. – American Wedding)

Strawberry Swing
(link to Spotify-track: F.O. – Strawberry Swing)

Music: The Merrymakers

I’m actually a little bit ashamed. Sometimes good things are too close to recognize.

During my late upbringing in Piteå there was a band called Merrymakers; a band that made it to the international scene. But sometimes it’s strange, people that you went to school with; can they really be top class material? Yes, they can.

In my case, I totally missed out on their awesome music, which is actually even more strange since I totally loved Jellyfish and ABBA, and I think there are so many influences from both of them here.

So, if you want to have a taste, and don’t want to make the same mistake as I did, check them out.

Their Facebook-page could be found here

Great New Song and Photography – Tall Walker with Running Fast (footage with “standard” DSLR:s)

This great song and music-video is filmed with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikon D800.

Great footage with pretty standard DSLR:s, or what do you think? To get a “behind the scenes” footage, click here

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Three Songs That Have “Borrowed” From “When We Were Young” – Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Today, I listened to The Sounds’ latest single, “Hurt The Ones I Love,” and it instantly reminded me of the sensation I experienced when I first discovered Swedish artist Håkan Hellström’s track, “Det kommer aldrig vara över för mig.” Both songs share a striking resemblance to what I believe is the original, The Killers’ “When We Were Young.”

Additionally, I’ve included Johnossi’s single “Dead End” in the mix, as it too bears some similarity, albeit not as pronounced.

I’d love to hear your thoughts: Are these instances of artistic inspiration or plagiarism?

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The Sounds new single “Hurt The Ones I Love”

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