Goodness – Some Thoughts About It

For a long time I’ve been thinking about the word “goodness”.

If you’re looking on a regular Facebook-feed, or other social media you’ll find a number of people telling others about their good deeds, and actually that’s wonderful! Don’t doubt that! We really need good deeds, and we really need good role models!

But a good deed, in my mind, isn’t necessarily a sign of a good person.


A good deed done in public, is always good (don’t doubt that), but a good deed done in public also has the purpose of giving credit to the person who made it.

So, in that sense, will a truly good person be?

“A person who do great things for others, while no-one else is watching”?

Do you agree?

Thoughts For The Weekend – Success vs. Happiness

When you’re running your own business, or just enjoying your day-to-day work it’s really easy to get carried away in a single project, a new deal or your next invention. But now and then I think that it’s important to take a few steps back, and either enjoy what you’re achieving or change the situation.

Anyhow earlier today I stepped over this list of one-liners around the subject Success vs. Happiness, and even though I find some of them a little bit strange, the most of them are worth thinking about in our everyday struggle towards happiness… or is it success?

Happy Weekend!

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Success is all the money in the world; happiness is having people to spend it on.

Success is measurable; happiness is limitless.

Success is a fancy car; happiness is a great ride.

Success is working hard; happiness is loving the work.

Success is the fame; happiness is the rise.

Success is the race; happiness is the finish line.

Success is having everyone know your name; happiness is having the right people know your name.

Success is being right; happiness is being true.

Success is earned, happiness is achieved.

Success is awards; happiness is its own reward.

Success is money in the bank; happiness can’t be deposited.

Success is private jets; happiness is flying high.

Success is never easy; happiness will never feel difficult.

Success is money; happiness is value.

Success is sacrifice; happiness is plentiful.

Success is late hours; happiness is all day.

Success is second homes; happiness is always home.

Success is material things; happiness is in the materials.

Success is pursuing your dreams; happiness is living your dreams.

Success is praise; happiness is never needing it.

Success is reaching the top; happiness has no ceiling.

Success is all the money in the world; happiness is needing none of it.

Success is doing what you love; happiness is loving what you do.

Success is just ahead; happiness was never behind.

Success is pursued; happiness is acquired.

Success is getting everything you ever wanted; happiness is not needing any of it.

Success is calculated; happiness doesn’t need a cheat sheet.

Success is envied; happiness is shared.

Success is perfection; happiness is embracing the imperfections.

Success is going the distance; happiness is enjoying the destination.

Quote For 2014

I’ve never been a hardcore fan of Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit, entertainment wise. But, as many others I think they are stunning to watch and it’s amazing how much work it must be to put it together. The scenery alone makes it worth watching.

During this Christmas Holiday I watched “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey” from last year, and in that movie Gandalf sums up what I try to have as my guide line in 2014 (and onward off course)

“Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”

A great and simple quote!

Best Wishes for 2014!

Here is today

This is a really cool web app that literally put today in perspective. One of those webpages that makes me realize that in a greater perspective, we’re all just a blink of an eye. So instead of worrying, having fears and so on, it’s better to enjoy the ride while we’re in the middle of it.

I hope you get a good start of the week.

(Click image to go to the webpage)

Some thoughts for a new week

“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens”
― Tony DeLiso

Monday is a special day, it’s almost like a mini 1:st of January. Every week I try to set some goals for myself. A goal might be a burden if you tell everyone what you have in mind, so I always try to keep them for myself. For me, this is a way to make sure that I’ve made some progress, and actually a way to make me feel better when I know that I either reached the goal, get closer to it, OR maybe the goal has changed for some certain fact that I didn’t know about before the week started. Anyway, the goal keeps me at focus and brings meaning to my actions.

The upcoming week is full of great activities even on evening time, Keane-concert tonight, Soccer game on Wednesday and a night at Magic Bar on Thursday, so I guess I’ll have to try to just enjoy every bit of the week to gain energy together with all the great people I will spend my time with.

I hope you all have a great start of the week.

Worries, decisions and letting go

Last week I had to make a decision about a matter that I spent much time worrying about a while back, but suddenly, out of the blue the final question was asked and a decision needed to be made. Should it be yes, and continue like before; or no to make that final decision and move on in another direction? Suddenly it wasn’t a decision anymore!? Of course I should move on and let go of the worries, and the thoughts that kept me so occupied for a long time a while back. Suddenly it was clear.

@ Pedro Hansson – Birds on a red light. Not a good picture photo wise. Taken from an open roof top bus in Barcelona. Without the house in the background it may have been ok. But I think the image reflects the topic well – Go, or no go?

I was really surprised that the decision was so easy to make because this has been a long process for me, but then I realized one thing I heard a few years back.

When you can make a decision without any regrets, you tried everything, you’ve been truly honest to everyone involved and all that’s left is just worrying AND the most important part, you can let go with a smile and wish everyone the best; then you’re finally ready.

At the same time, it’s important to remember, if you need time and don’t make a decision – that’s also a decision…

A letter to myself

Prewords: This will not be my most “manly” post in this blog, and I’ve reflected so much about if I should post it or not, and I guess if you aren’t or haven’t recently been in some kind of crisis these words may sound silly, but for me they’ve been extremely important so I decided to post them anyway and I sincerely hope that they can be of comfort to more than me.

Post: Last year I went through some hard times and I often reflected about how hard it was for those around me to know how to act. Should they call? Is it okay to laugh? Is it okay to ask how I feel and so on…

At the same time there was a battle inside me where thoughts like “Is it really okay to smile and be happy when I shouldn’t be?”, “Will I be this down and out forever”? So I decided to write some words to myself, to keep me on the straight line on the days when things were rough, to know that it’ll get better; and for the days when I felt that “Now I’ve passed this test”, some words to lessen the bounce when I bounced back and also give myself some slack to “just be”.

And if you are in the middle of some kind of crisis, remember that it’ll take time, It will never go over, but it will get easier and the days between when you feel weak will be more and more rare. So, hang in there, life’s beautiful, and things will change and you’ll soon laugh out loud for some ever reason that you won’t even know today.

I will also take this opportunity to thank all those around me, both friends, family and colleagues for the support on those days when things aren’t the best, and for sharing my laughs and craziness when things are up 🙂

© Pedro Hansson - Just because - Photo taken in Rättvik, Sweden

Swedish version

© Pedro Hansson - In Swedish - Bara - Foto taget i Rättvik

What a great view for a morning coffee – did you have a great earthrise this morning?

I saw an old pic from the moon today. At first it’s “just” Amazing because, well there’s the surface of the moon.. remarkable(!) …. but then, HEY… there’s the earth rising over the hill (!!), with all of us being just there; on that little “ball” in space.

I’ll keep my spirits high and hope that I’ll live to be able to see an “earthrise” someday.

Anyway, what an amazing shot this is!


Yesterday Paulo Coelho wrote something at his Facebook-page that I truly believe in, and he wrote it in such simplicity (maybe that’s why he is a writer and I’m not? 🙂 ) that I just felt I had to comment on it.

I stopped to self-improve myself many years ago. The idea that “the great opportunities lie just over the horizon, in the next valley, with the next job or the next big thing” is not true. It lies here and now – and you are ready to grab it, regardless your imperfections.
– Paulo Coelho

For me this is the sweet spot, a home run and a grand slam of what I believe in when it comes to happiness and life.

I think that we often try to find happiness in so many things and ways, that “are not”, instead of just accepting ourselves as we are, and with our own capabilities. Today there is a huge Happiness-industry that make a living on telling us how to live our lives, how we should be, what we shall believe in and so on, instead of just letting ourselves believe in and being in our own present.

… guess happiness never will be a quick solution, it’s an ongoing fight to be here right now and appreciate what we got, instead of what don’t. It’s never easy but I truly believe in not thinking to much, and be thankful for what we got, and the cures for our happiness that are on sale in the nearest store, very rarely brings any happiness at all; in the marathon we call life.

Autumn sunrise - Piteå
(c) Pedro Hansson - Nikon D5000 - Sunrise in Piteå - As always, straight out from the cam except for naming (and sometimes croping)