Three Songs That Have “Borrowed” From “When We Were Young” – Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Today, I listened to The Sounds’ latest single, “Hurt The Ones I Love,” and it instantly reminded me of the sensation I experienced when I first discovered Swedish artist Håkan Hellström’s track, “Det kommer aldrig vara över för mig.” Both songs share a striking resemblance to what I believe is the original, The Killers’ “When We Were Young.”

Additionally, I’ve included Johnossi’s single “Dead End” in the mix, as it too bears some similarity, albeit not as pronounced.

I’d love to hear your thoughts: Are these instances of artistic inspiration or plagiarism?

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The Sounds new single “Hurt The Ones I Love”

“The Original”, at least in my mind; The Killers – When We Were Young (Music starts at 1:30)

Johnossi – Dead End

Håkan Hellström – Det Kommer Aldrig Va Över För Mig

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