The Listener – Short inspirational story

This is a short Swedish Story I found on the internet. A story with a single and easy, but not less important punchline.  The listener A little girl – with very demanding parents – had problem in school. The more the parents nagged, and tried to attract her attention with all imaginable kinds of rewards …

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A Man Start’s to Dance – Watch What Happens Next :)

In larger cities people get used to being “alone”, while we’re in public. But what would happen if someone broke that barrier, and started to dance? Great social experiment, and a video that suits perfect as a start of the week. Wouldn’t it be great if we started to notice each other, and one’s in a …

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I’m an entrepreneur from Sweden, born in Kiruna and raised in Piteå, in the northern part of Sweden, but today I’m living in Stockholm. This blog is about my thoughts, ideas and photos, and I think it is best described as a blog of life in general that sometimes will be happy, sometimes thoughtful and …

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