Joe Bonamassa

Over the years two of my friends Anders Byström and Anders Granström have kept talking about Joe Bonamassa and how amazing he is. I always enjoyed the music, but during this Christmas he’s rosen from an artist I enjoy to one of my all time favorites. The concert from Royal Albert Hall is one of his best, and my personal favorites from that concert are Happier Times, Ballad of John Henry and Just god paid.

Attached you’ll find a Youtube-link to the complete concert. If you have the bandwidth, make sure you’re watching the HD-version.

Hope you had a nice Christmas, and the best for 2013!

2 thoughts on “Joe Bonamassa

    1. Actually I don’t know but there are tools for downloading Youtube videos all over Internet. They might help you out. Otherwise you’ll find the whole concert on Spotify (without photo for obvious reasons), and I think you’ll find it on Amazon / iTunes as well.

      Thanks for commenting, and best wishes for a smashing 2013

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