Preparing for autumn photography

I think we’re just a few days away from the best autumn days, in terms of Photography. Some of the leaves has started to get those amazing colors, but soon the forest will be full of red, green, blue, yellow and so on.

This is a photo I took last year, just a few weeks after this point.

© Pedro Hansson - Preparing for Autumn Photography
© Pedro Hansson – Preparing for Autumn Photography

42 rules of life

Every now and the most of us receives, and shares quotes. What’s really hard to find is quotes that aren’t to corny or sentimental, and just get’s to the core. These 42 points is all about that. I hope you’ll find them as thoughtful as I did.

Best wishes

© Pedro Hansson - 42 rules in life - Gläntan, Piteå
© Pedro Hansson – 42 rules in life – Gläntan, Piteå

London in color – anno 1927

I’ve always enjoyed watching old photos/videos of familiar places, and to get a glimpse of how places used to look like. This must be a quite rare color clip from 1927, of a growing London. Really surprising that there were so many motor vehicles on the streets back then, and also that things looks so familiar even thought it’s almost 100 years back in time.

At the end of the clip you’ll se how this place looked back then.

© Pedro Hansson - London - Olympus ZX-1
© Pedro Hansson – London – Olympus ZX-1

Last days of autumn

©Pedro Hansson – Last days of autumn – Olympus XZ-1

I think Autumn has a special purpose in terms of reflection. The autumn isn’t always sunny, warm or cozy but it gives us time to breath and reflect. To stop, and listen to where we are, what we are, where we’re going and maybe serve as our yearly soul examination.

Soon the “bright white winter, the alpine season, the long walks in snow-season” will be here…


This is a photo i took last year while walking along Nacka Strand. It was a really great feeling in the summer air, and this couple really draw attention. I can’t really say what I like with this photo other than it, for me, reflects life.

“Where there is love there is life.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Best wishes for a new week

© Pedro Hansson – Life – Olympus XZ-1

A letter to myself

Prewords: This will not be my most “manly” post in this blog, and I’ve reflected so much about if I should post it or not, and I guess if you aren’t or haven’t recently been in some kind of crisis these words may sound silly, but for me they’ve been extremely important so I decided to post them anyway and I sincerely hope that they can be of comfort to more than me.

Post: Last year I went through some hard times and I often reflected about how hard it was for those around me to know how to act. Should they call? Is it okay to laugh? Is it okay to ask how I feel and so on…

At the same time there was a battle inside me where thoughts like “Is it really okay to smile and be happy when I shouldn’t be?”, “Will I be this down and out forever”? So I decided to write some words to myself, to keep me on the straight line on the days when things were rough, to know that it’ll get better; and for the days when I felt that “Now I’ve passed this test”, some words to lessen the bounce when I bounced back and also give myself some slack to “just be”.

And if you are in the middle of some kind of crisis, remember that it’ll take time, It will never go over, but it will get easier and the days between when you feel weak will be more and more rare. So, hang in there, life’s beautiful, and things will change and you’ll soon laugh out loud for some ever reason that you won’t even know today.

I will also take this opportunity to thank all those around me, both friends, family and colleagues for the support on those days when things aren’t the best, and for sharing my laughs and craziness when things are up 🙂

© Pedro Hansson - Just because - Photo taken in Rättvik, Sweden

Swedish version

© Pedro Hansson - In Swedish - Bara - Foto taget i Rättvik

Todays sunset in Stockholm

On my way from work today I had to stop two times. Just had to preserve todays sunset that was awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t have my DSLR, but I’m really starting to like my “little friend”, the Olympus. Small enough to keep in the pocket everywhere I go and I think the quality is satisfying compared to the size.

Hope you have a great evening!

@ Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Januari 2012 - Olympuz XZ-1
@ Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Januari 2012 - Olympus XZ-1


Electric moon

During my winter holiday I spent some time in Piteå. The 27:th of December was a remarkable day in terms of a beautiful sky and a clear moon, so I spent a whole day walking around in my old home town. On my way back (behind Nolia for those that are familiar with Piteå) I came across some electric wires, and just behind the wires, The Moon – so I thought I’d call the pic Electric Moon…

Hope you all get a good start of your week.

Electric Moon
© Pedro Hansson - Electric Moon

Wishing for snow

Sweden is experiencing the warmest November, and start of December in 200 years. It has almost been like spring. But today we got our first snow flakes and there is more to come according to the weather people.

A Christmas with Christmas lights towards rain drops isn’t exactly a Christmas so I keep my fingers crossed for a White Christmas.

These pics were taken during a walk yesterday evening, bringing my small Olympus with me.

Hope you had a great start of the week

Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm - Olympus XZ-1
Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm - Olympus XZ-1

If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today

It’s so easy to worry for things that are out of our control. Today many people worry about the new economic times, some are worrying about their kids and maybe some are walking away from great new possibilities –  a great new life, just because of worry.

I think this quote is good to think about when I’m struggling with a decision, both in my personal and professional life, or just being in a worrying mode.

“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.”
– E. Joseph Cossman

(c) Pedro Hansson – Olympus XZ-1 – Lake Mälaren Stockholm

Last day of golf – part 2

With a sun set high, and skies as blue as a typical Swedes eyes, we went out on our golf journey last wednesday (as I posted a few days ago). But.. suddenly the weather changed and a really thick fog made it’s entrance over the golf course. If you, like me, enjoy both golf and Photo this is just an amazing opportunity and I actually enjoy the photos more from the afternoon than from earlier on during the day.

(c) Pedro Hansson - Autumn Golf - Olympuz XZ-1

Last days of golf 2011

This autumn is really special in terms of weather. Normally we should’ve had some snow and really cold temperatures, But 2011 is so far the warmest autumn in Swedish history, so what could be better than dig the clubs out of the storage room and let them work for a last time?

This Wednesday me and some friends took a vacation day to try out golfing in November, and what a day we picked. The day started out sunny, a little bit cold but with blue skies. As the day passed it got really foggy, but since I’m combining golfing and photoing it was an amazing and beautiful day.

I start of with the morning pictures and make a new post out of the afternoons pic later.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

(all images are taken with Olympus XZ-1)

20111109 Bro Hof
20111109 Autumn Golf


20111109 Bro Hof
20111109 Bro Hof - Mälaren



iPhoneimage - Golf in wool cap (mössa in swedish)


20111109 Bro Hof
(c) Pedro Hansson - Autumn Golf



20111109 Bro Hof
(c) Pedro Hansson - Autumn Golf



20111109 Bro Hof
(c) Pedro Hansson - Autumn, Golf