42 rules of life

Every now and the most of us receives, and shares quotes. What’s really hard to find is quotes that aren’t to corny or sentimental, and just get’s to the core. These 42 points is all about that. I hope you’ll find them as thoughtful as I did.

Best wishes

© Pedro Hansson - 42 rules in life - Gläntan, Piteå
© Pedro Hansson – 42 rules in life – Gläntan, Piteå

18 thoughts on “42 rules of life

    1. Yes, it’s really strange 🙂 that’s the best part with these 42 small tips, that they are so down to earth. Thank you for reading, and commenting. Best wishes.

  1. Loved them all, but 9 is my thing absolutely. (there are more on the list which are that, but chocolate … I mean, chocolate.) and I’m reblogging it. 🙂

    1. Tes, I think there are a number of these out there. What I liked with this one was that it was pretty straight to the point 🙂 thanks for commenting. Appreciate it.

      1. Couldn’t reply “deeper” in the thread. Just two levels.

        -> I live by “19”, but struggles with “10” 🙂 With “1” I’ve always had peace 🙂

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