A true Christmas story

We’re approaching Christmas; a time when most of us will ask ourselves the question “was I a good person this year?”. There will also be a lot of “good” stories, and to be frank I love many of those stories, they aim at keeping us as good as we possibly can.

So, if you heard all the stories of Christmas before, you might know what will happen. With this story you won’t. It’s a true story with all parts of Christmas in it.

Hope you enjoy!

Link to the story

Stockholm 2011 - 12 -02 - Hötorget - iPhonepic
(c) Pedro Hansson - Stockholm 2011 - 12 -02 - Hötorget - iPhonepic

8 thoughts on “A true Christmas story

  1. What a great story. I hope the future for the kid is a bit brighter because of it. I hope this vision of another life does him some good. Life can be so hard for some people. And Julio Diaz has the attitude we should all have. What a great post (and I like that image too. 🙂 ).

    1. Thanks! I think it worked well on this one. I used HDR to get all the contrast in, and some motion as well. And applied Sepia afterwards. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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