Awesome Macro

This must one of the coolest Macro:s I’ve seen!

Shot taken by shikhei goh

You can almost feel the insect fighting against the rain. Truly awesome picture!

From National Geographics homepage: (link)

“This photo was taken when I was taking photos of other insects as I normally did during macro photo hunting. i wasnt actually aware of this dragonfly since i was occupied with other objects. When I was about to take picture of it, it suddenly rained but lighting was just superb. I decided to take the shot regardless of the rain which caused my Eos 7D and 100/2.8 L Macro to get wet. The result had caused me to be overjoyed and hope it pleases the viewers.”

I really suggest that you follow this link to check out the rest of the images in this photo contest, and vote for your favorite!

15 thoughts on “Awesome Macro

  1. Nandini

    Stunning macro. That’s called nature in its tiny form. Love the details here. Reminds me of a animation movie “Bee Movie”. 😀

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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