iOS5, the first 24 hours

So, the first 24 hours with the new iOS is coming to an end. At first it seemed to be a lot of struggling but I must say it’s an impressive upgrade! At one hand you hardly can’t see the difference, but on the other hand it’s so much functionality bundled together with your everyday use of the phone that I think it’s hard to go back to the old version.

The main benefits in my opinion so far:

  • iCloud is far better than I thought. When it was released I almost compared it to Dropbox, but this is so much more. To get all your pictures directly into Aperture on your Mac and at the same time get them in your iPad and so on is amazing! This actually makes my old iPad come to better use (since it doesn’t have a cam), and I guess iCloud is the best feature all over.
  • The drop down panel is also really good. I used to have a couple of Androids before and this feature is probably the one that I missed the most. You can move faster to the things that happens in your communication with others.
  • iMessage seems really neat. Works perfectly. On the other hand it almost feels like a clone to “What’s app”.
  • GUI-enhancement. It seems like GUI-enhancements have been made all over. It’s really subtle if you don’t think about it, but the typefaces in the messaging and some symbols have changed face and it actually looks a little bit more modern.
  • Finally get rid of the cable to connect to iTunes. This is one of the features that have been the most hard to understand. Finally you can drop that cable and just download things “over air”.

On the negative side I can think of two main things to complain (a little) about:

  1. The upgrade was a little bit frustrating (in Apple-terms) due to all icons loosing their old structure, even though I’m one of those that find pleasure in trying things out
  2. A little lack of performance. At first it seemed like a big drop, and after some hours I couldn’t see any drop at all but I think there is a little bit more lagging.


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