iPhone Photo App review – Photo Toaster Jr.

Photo Toaster Jr is an iPhone Camera app that delivers quality filters to the iPhone. At least in terms of being an app for the phone. Many of the filters are just there to improve your pictures and let you show the reality, as it actually was.

The app is free but you have to live with the ads (but I guess that’s a small price to pay when the app is as good as it really is).

Image of Stadskyrkan in Piteå


  • “easy-to-use” – 4
    Since there are so much functionality I’m not sure how all the functionality will benefit everyone. The app is all about try, point and click.
  • Image Quality – 6 (as an iPhone-app)
    I think many of my images get the touch up they deserve with this app and I think that many of my pictures looks more true to the real motive after using the app, instead of apps like Hipstamatic that creates an image that’s more artistic.
  • Creativity – 4
    Many fillters and many functions but I guess it’s more in a photographic way. Maybe the app deserves a 6 for not being to creative? 🙂
  • Level of usage – 5
    Easy-to-use, great “save functions” and really quick makes this one of the apps that I really use frequently.
  • Overall score – 5
    Really good, quick and easy to use!

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