Upgrade to iOS5 – part 2, and lion OS 10.7.2 – updated

Day after upgrading to Apple iOS5; my experiences so far:

  • The phone still feels a little bit laagy. especially when I’m in app store (and if you’ve read my previous post you know that I’ve visited app store like 300 times already. If I would’ve owned a 3GS I would’ve waited for some more information on the performance.
  • My apps haven’t returned so I still have to manually reinstall them from app store. A time-consuming task to say the least. UPDATE: I’ve found a way around this. Just launch iTunes at your computer and sync the programs once more. I lost all my folders so all the apps are just hanging around but at least I don’t need to manually install every single one through iCloud.
  • iCloud feels even better than yesterday. The experience to take a pic with the phone and seconds after see it in Aperture is amazing
  • Upgrading my iMac to the new Lion 10.7.2 went really easy. The only problem I’ve got was a duplication of my calendars. That was easy resolved with just deleting one copy under preferences

After the first 12 hours after upgrading my conclusion it that I would’ve waited a few days to upgrade if I wasn’t REALLY interested in just get some experience with the new iOS and I didn’t mind struggling a bit to get there. I still haven’t succeeded in upgrading my iPad (still get an error message at the end of the upgrade process). I guess I will end up deleting it and then reinstall from my backup. UPDATE: Earlier this morning I finally (3:rd attempt) got things to work (maybe this was due to installing the Lion upgrade before?!) and it works great. The problem with the apps, like I had on the iPhone I’ve on the iPad aswell. Apart from that everything now works fine and I also think that the performance is back.

Image Stream in iOS5
Image Stream (Bildström in Swedish) in iOS5 - Image transferred by Image Stream after screen shot from my iPhone

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