Upgrading to iOS5

Tonight was the night when the final release of iOS5 was about to be released. With a cup of coffee in my hand I eagerly waited for the upgrade to reveal itself in iTunes, and suddenly, there it was.

I’m a quite heavy user so my phone is stuffed with things, so I was prepared for a pretty long, timewise, upgrade. After a little more than 1 hour I was finished.

My initial reactions so far:
– I notice a slight decrease in speed performance due to the heavier OS but I’m not sure yet whether this is because I still have a lot of things to handle before everything’s up or if it just me searching for differences
– The upgrade process was pretty sleek, no bigger worries but on my iPad I’m actually still struggling. Keeps getting an upgrade error. But as always with Apple products it’s just to start all over again
– iCloud really feels like a bigger thing than I initially thought it would be. It’s actually pretty nice to have all your photos (for instance) instantly uploaded to your iPad and iMac when you have taken them
– I’ve always had some problems with “me.com” but now when the services are all pulled together, it seems like those problems have been resolved with the iCloud-solution
– The biggest problem I’ve had so far is that a large portion of my 400 app’s (yes I know it’s a little bit weird) doesn’t get installed so I need to manually press the “iCloud”-button to install those that aren’t there already. With the iCloud-button i mean the service that Apple released during the summer where all your apps are synced between your iTunes-account, your phone and iPad. Quite neat and it works perfectly. Even though the service works perfectly it’s quite time consuming to enter that button, go to the screen where the icon is, go back to iTunes and click the next one.. and do this for all my apps.
– The new reminder-app seems really good at first glance. Haven’t for obvious reasons been able to try it so much yet.

If you’ve upgraded and wan’t to share your thought’s I’m really curious about how things went.

20110917 Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - Picture of Slussen in Stockholm - Photo date 2011-09-17

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