Great documentary of a Great Group – The Journey Story

If you haven’t seen Journey’s place in best albums of all times – Best Album Of All Times

Great documentary, of a great group. So many aspects of life are handled here; Success, sorrow, love, family, meeting “Kenny”, feeling apart of something and so on. Maybe the best music of all times. Don’t miss out on this one.

Music From Breaking Bad, Episode 13 – Steve Perry (former Journey) – Oh Sherrie

In the last episode of Breaking Bad there was music playing in the background for quite some time. Could you figure it out?

For those of you who know Journey, you may also know Steve Perry, the vocalist. The song that were playing was from his solo album “Street Talk (1084) “Oh Sherrie”. Since Journey had a quite huge hit with “Don’t stop believn'”, this could might as well be a new hit due to such great exposure in Breaking Bad.

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Final update, and INDEX of Best Albums of All Times

This “Best Album Of All Times” needed an Index since it will be kept as a separate category. After some thoughts I also rearranged some albums to my final list, so here’s the final list updated with both initial and final positions.

If you click on the link you’ll be redirected to each review.

Place Artist Album name Position after some thoughts
1 Journey Raised on Radio 1
2 Keane Hopes and fears 2
3 Toto Fahrenheit 4
4 Sixx A-M Heroin Diaries 3
5 Hoobastank The Reason 5
6 Jellyfish Bellybutton 7
7 U2 Joshua Tree 6
8 Babyface Unplugged NYC 1997 8
9 Phenomena Phenomena I 9
10 Sara Isaksson Red Eden 11
11 AC/DC Back in black 10
12 Michael Jackson Bad 13
13 Blacknuss Gold 14
14 Mötley Crüe Shout at the devil 16
15 Coldplay Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends 12
16 Gary Moore? Wild Frontier 17
17 Stephen simmonds For Father 18
18 Ratt Out of the cellar 19
19 Aldo Nova Twitch 20
20 Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 21
21 Dire Straits On Every Street 22
22 The Fray The Fray 23
23 Metallica Metallica 24
24 Adele 21 25
25 Top Gun Motion Picture Soundtrack 26
26 David Foster David Foster 27
27 Nirvana Nevermind 28
28 Peter Gabriel So 15
29 Abba The Album 29
30 Robert Plant / Alison Krauss Raising sand 30
31 Johnny Hates Jazz Turn Back the Clock 31
32 Bruce Hornsby The Way It Is 32
33 Level 42 Running in the family 33
34 Chicago Chicago 17 34
35 Marc Cohn Marc Cohn 35
36 Richard Marx Richard Marx 36
37 Guns n roses Greatest Hits 37
38 Europé Wings of tomorrow 38
39 Saga Wildest Dreams 39
40 Tommy Nilsson Follow the road 40

Some final thoughts about the project “Best Album Of All Times”

© Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Sunset
© Pedro Hansson – Stockholm Sunset

Some final thoughts

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So the final post in this series – that’s been my most enthusiastic project on this blog – has been written! I’ve spent almost four weeks on this project, with 2-8 hours of music listening, reading lyrics and moving albums up and down every day, but what an amazing journey it has been! I’ve always dreamt of doing this, and now it’s done.

The hardest part was to stay true to the rules. The Best Album, not just an album with 5 good tracks with 3 bad ones; the full album was what counted.

In retrospective I think that Sixx A.M should change place with Toto. Heroin Diaries is an amazing album that no one should miss. Since it’s also a true story, with such a good purpose it may even be higher up. I also placed both Keane and Journey on a shared number 1-place, but I think that Journey is the true number 1. It’s almost silly how perfect that album is. Every single note is so good, on all instruments and the vocals from Steve Perry are truly amazing.

So, do I miss any albums on the list? Yes I think that Simply Red, Magnum, Don Henley, Frank Ocean, Iron Maiden and The Hooters should be somewhere on the list, but I’m not sure where. The lack of full albums without a track that you just want to skip is hard to find with those artists. Maybe Magnum is closest?

Thank you all that have followed this top-list. It’s been a pleasure to hear your thoughts both in person, on the blog and in e-mail.

I leave this series with a great track that actually wasn’t on the list; Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

I hope you all get a good start of your week.

P.S If you want to go back in the series, there is a new menu at the top of this blog where you can find all the posts D.S

Best Album Of All Times – Number One

Best Album Of All Times – Number 1: Journey – Raised On Radio

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This is an album that have followed me ever since it was released back in 1986. The album was supposed to be called Freedom, but the title later changed to Raised On Radio. Some of the line-up were changed from the previous album, Escape, due to some internal disturbances.

Following their two most successful albums, lead singer Steve Perry began to take more control over the band’s direction. First, Ross Valory and Steve Smith were fired from the band, against the wishes of manager Herbie Herbert. The two were replaced by various studio musicians for the recording of Raised on Radio, including Randy Jackson (bass guitar) and Larrie Londin (drums). Smith did record three tracks with Journey on the album, and he and Valory still received revenues from the record and subsequent tour.

If you recognize one name from American Idol, you’re right; Randy Jackson, on bass.

Band members

  • Steve Perry – lead vocals, producer
  • Neal Schon – guitars, backing vocals, keyboard on track 10, guitar synth
  • Jonathan Cain – keyboards, backing vocals, additional vocal co-production

Additional musicians

  • Randy Jackson – bass, backing vocals
  • Larrie Londin – drums, percussion
  • Bob Glaub – bass on tracks 2, 10 and 11.
  • Steve Smith – drums on tracks 2, 10 and 11.
  • Mike Baird – drums on tracks 12 and 13 (2006 CD reissue only)
  • Dan Hull – saxophone on tracks 2 and 7, harp on track 7
  • Steve Minkins – percussion on track 3

Source: Wikipedia

In 2009 the group had a major hit with the formerly released “Don’t Stop Belivin‘” (from the Escape-album) which became the ever most sold track on iTunes in 2009. Many people argue that Escape is a better album, but I can’t see that. Raised On Radio is as perfect as it get’s.

So, the album? Well what can I say? This is music at it’s very very best, and in my mind there is actually no downsides. Every single track, except the title track, is a five-star track in my mind. Just listen to the guitars, the vocals of Steve Perry which definitely is one of the world’s best vocals, the piano, the rhythm.

All the “time stamps” are based on the time in Spotify which may affect the YouTube-times slightly.

***** Girl Can’t Help It: The piano starts of slowly, and soon the guitar kicks in before we hear the first words from Steve Perry. Relaxed and controlled.. Don’t miss the bass line that’s so solid. The guitar break after 2:57 is so good, and listen to the final seconds.

***** Positive Touch: Bass, and a rhythmic guitar accompanied by a piano that follows the guitar. Listen to the guitar at 1:00, and 1:11 together with the solo at 1:50!  The background vocals are also so good all the way through. The saxophone, guitar and vocals that are “answering” each other after 3:02 is another delicacy.

***** Suzanne: A bass and keyboard intro before “I see your face at the movies”. Listen to the bass line, and the articulated “Suzanne”! The solo after 2:00. Full of energy.

***** Be Good To Yourself: The track that you should play before going on vacation, need a break or just some positive words. The track starts of with a keyboard-intro, then a great solid verse before the amazing chorus at 0:40. Don’t miss the guitar in the background, and the backing vocals!

***** Once You Love Somebody: Just listen to that cooperation between guitar, bass, vocals!! Brutal! After 45 seconds the bridge to the chorus. The little delicacy with guitar at 1:28!

***** Happy To Give: This is a singing lesson of Steve Perry. “I was born a believer, played the fool, lonely dreamer left to choose”. Listen to the vocals after approximately 3 minutes together with the keyboard!

**** Raised On Radio: An amazing track, but the least good one in my opinion. Really like the guitar handling, and the “blues-ish” sound.

***** I’ll Be Allright Without You: A little slower track, but oh, this is soo good. The keyboard after 0:38, the guitar intro, the backing vocals “It’s all because of you” “Try not to think of you”. Just listen to it!

***** It Could Have Been You: Almost tired of writing how amazing this album is. There isn’t a single second that’s amazing. In this track. Just listen to the guitar after 1:49, and the break at 2:10! Then “Where are you…. ” BAAM “Now”! Guitar solo with the incredible bass line.

Time washes over, memories

I can’t look back no more

Change has forsaken, our promises

There’s someone else for you to hold again

***** The Eyes Of A Woman: Once again we’re all going into singing class in with our class teacher Steve Perry.

***** Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever. Romantic. Subtle. A song for a wedding? OMG! This is brutal! The atmosphere, the performance from the musicians. One of the most “perfect” songs ever?

Lost in twilight, the memories

Precious moments, you and me

We’ve been old friends, all through the years

Picture postcards, sharing tears

What’s in our hearts, there’s never time, to say

Need you tonight, lover don’t fade away

I’ve seen your city lights

As I walk away

Why can’t this night…go on forever

Some other tracks from other albums:

Open Arms, originally made for “The Babys” and John Waite, but released by Journey

Separate Ways