Best Album of all times – Number 20

© Pedro Hansson - Rage Against The Machine
© Pedro Hansson – Rage Against The Machine

Number 20 –
Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

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I will never forget the first time I heard this album. It was, at the time, my svärbror (brother-in-law) who have spotted it and played it loud. For quite a long time I thought he was kidding. NO ONE can like this. So rough, a wicked singer who rap-singed, and a guitar player that made the most strange noises ever.

Then it started to grow…

What an amazing album this is. Full of energy. An awesome guitar player, and a sound that (together with Clawfinger) created a new musical era.

What I didn’t knew at first was that most parts of the music brought political stories. Since I’ve always been a friend of that the human life is sacred, and no other man shall have the right to take another persons life, Killing in the name certainly stroke a chord.

The sound on this album was also at the time unique. It’s almost as RATM is a modern studio version of number 21, Dire Straits. Crisp clear guitars, a bass that sounds like a bass. Dry drums, and as I’ve mentioned a guitar that’s (still) like nothing else recorded before.

Even though I’m not a fanatic political wise I

If I could change history Bulls on parade from the album “Evil empire” also would’ve been included. Otherwise, a great album!

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