Best Album Of All Times – Number 10

© Pedro Hansson - Red Eden - Piteå in summer time
© Pedro Hansson – Personal interpretation of Red Eden – Photo taken in Piteå, summer time

Best Album Of All Times – Number 10: Sara Isaksson – Red Eden

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So, we’re getting close to the top. So far we’ve covered places 40-11, and it’s time to enter top 10. It’s almost impossible to compare the albums so close to the top but I’ll give it a go.

So, this will be an outsider. But an awesome outsider…

First out, in the top 10:s is the album Red Eden, by Sara Isaksson.

If Stephen Simmonds is a well-kept secret internationally in the category male singers, Sara Isaksson is almost an even more kept secret in the female singers category.

The album Red Eden is a quite low-key album where Sara:s incredible voice truly has the ability to shine. This will never be the album to listen to before a night out on town, but a great album to listen to when you get back home.

I guess in some sense it’s an album for musicians, but on the other hand it’s just an easy listening country, singer/song-writer album put together for everyone.

I couldn’t find any YouTube tracks from this particular album so I settle with the Spotify playlist.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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