Swedish Music: Vita Bergen – Disconnection

Since over 90% of this blog’s visitors comes from other countries than Sweden, I try to give samples of the Swedish Music scene. This is a new Swedish project called Vita Bergen (White Mountains in english). A great group, with a modern/contemporary sound. As always when I hear new music I’m starting to look for similarities with other artists, and with Vita Bergen I think you’ll find some strong influences from groups like Arcade Fire.

Vita Bergens music can be described as pompous, melodic with heavy synth drapes in the background.

Even though “Curtains” seems to be their own first choice from this EP, I think that the track Disconnection is even better. Great track, and a great debut from this Swedish group!

Link to official page

Best Album Of All Times – Number 10

© Pedro Hansson - Red Eden - Piteå in summer time
© Pedro Hansson – Personal interpretation of Red Eden – Photo taken in Piteå, summer time

Best Album Of All Times – Number 10: Sara Isaksson – Red Eden

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So, we’re getting close to the top. So far we’ve covered places 40-11, and it’s time to enter top 10. It’s almost impossible to compare the albums so close to the top but I’ll give it a go.

So, this will be an outsider. But an awesome outsider…

First out, in the top 10:s is the album Red Eden, by Sara Isaksson.

If Stephen Simmonds is a well-kept secret internationally in the category male singers, Sara Isaksson is almost an even more kept secret in the female singers category.

The album Red Eden is a quite low-key album where Sara:s incredible voice truly has the ability to shine. This will never be the album to listen to before a night out on town, but a great album to listen to when you get back home.

I guess in some sense it’s an album for musicians, but on the other hand it’s just an easy listening country, singer/song-writer album put together for everyone.

I couldn’t find any YouTube tracks from this particular album so I settle with the Spotify playlist.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Music for a short week – Laleh, Hide Away

Yesterday, the Swedish series “30 degrees in February” showed the last episode. Though I’m not following TV so much these days, I really enjoyed this series.

In many ways it reflected the Swedish culture (in an exaggerated way) and I think many Swedes liked the earthly touch combined with the Swedes dream of Thai Weather and the Swedish sense. One of the songs featured in the last episode was Laleh’s “Hide Away”.

Hope you enjoy it and have a great week.

(If you have Spotify; this is the link to the song: http://open.spotify.com/track/1bRtqMyKD1n3QIvUUhaEh8

Amanda Mair – new Swedish artist set for the world

Recently Swedish artist Amanda Mair released her first official songs, and if you listen to the music industry, she’s all set for a fast carrier in the industry. I can’t agree more. Her great voice is really unique and is easily recognized.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday

Vanbot – great new Swedish Music

If you like the Swedish artist Robyn, you’ll probably also like this. You’ll also find influences from groups like Justice:

From Vanbot:s webpage:

“VANBOT is the music that loves the synthesizer, lives for the nerve and longs to dance!

After several pop-projects Ester Ideskog, Stockholm, Sweden, has emerged producing sparkling electro-pop with Vanbot and her alter ego, Vanessa. Vanessa is the tougher, fearless Stockholm City girl who is driven by determined purposefulness and true DIY spirit.  Inspiring songs are born during bike rides through the City night. Shaped by nerve and formed with beats they come to life in the little studio with the oversized worldmap where dreams can fly.

Last years writing has resulted in the Electro-pop debut album VANBOT released mid April.

All songs written by Ester Ideskog and produced together”