Best Album Of All Times – Number 6

Best Album Of All Times – Number 6: Jellyfish – Bellybutton (1990)

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Ok, so we’re getting close to the absolute top! On 6:th place I’ve put an album that, at the time when it hit the market, sounded like nothing else! This was the time when the grunge had hit the market massively, and the audience weren’t looking for a new amazing pop act.

Influences from Beatles, Queen, pop, folk lore… the list goes on, but still a pop-album. This is an album that sounds like anything else.

So, who are Jellyfish? The band members:

Andy Sturmer – Drums / Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards

Roger Manning Jr – Harpsichord / Keyboards / Piano / Vocals / Backing Vocals

Jason Falkner – Bass / Guitar / Vocals

Even though the band has received some amazing reviews from the critics over the years, they’ve never been a big hit in the wider streams or commercially. But my feeling is that the few that have discovered the album, are all true fans. Even the later Split Milk, which sounds like a true continuation of Bellybutton is a must-hear.

What I really like with every album that’s left on this list, is that they are well kept together. Every song has it’s place, and everything is well collected. This also goes for this amazing album, Bellybutton by Jellyfish.

So, if you haven’t heard them yet (which the most people haven’t) you should check them out, straight away.

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