A weekend in the snow

Last week I had a business meeting in Sälen, which is a famous ski resort here in Sweden. Since I have a friend that lives at the same place, I decided to stay over the weekend and what a weekend it turned out to be, especially Sunday with blue skies, just -3 degrees.

This is a pic from a ride with the snowmobile. Will get back with more pics during the week. What I liked with this view is the trees that almost gives a surreal experience and even though I’ve been in the Swedish mountains I’ve never seen them as frozen as this.

Hope you all have a great start of the week.

@ Pedro Hansson - Sälen, Tandådalen - Olypmus XZ-1

3 hour walk

This morning I took a really long walk. At the moment it’s pretty cold in Sweden (-20 degrees in the morning and around -12 degrees Celsius in the day), but it’s also so beautiful. I’ve always loved winter and these clear blue days together with the snowy scenery is so great and it’s almost like you don’t wanna go inside again, even though it’s pretty cold.

So I got up early, stopped by at 7-11 and bought myself a big Latte and off I went. What a great way to start a weekend.

Two photos from today that started cloudy but around noon, it was clear blue skies.

© Pedro Hansson - The Hostel Af Chapman in Stockholm Sweden - Nikon D7000
© Pedro Hansson - Copper Tents in Solna, just outside of Stockholm - Nikon D7000

Todays sunset in Stockholm

On my way from work today I had to stop two times. Just had to preserve todays sunset that was awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t have my DSLR, but I’m really starting to like my “little friend”, the Olympus. Small enough to keep in the pocket everywhere I go and I think the quality is satisfying compared to the size.

Hope you have a great evening!

@ Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Januari 2012 - Olympuz XZ-1
@ Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Januari 2012 - Olympus XZ-1


Sunrise in Norrbotten – Sweden

This is a pic I took a few months ago (also in Piteå). The pic has just been lying around on my computer but I recently got some new inspiration in composition from a close friend of mine and the composition of this pic is actually a suggestion from my inspirer; and I think the result came out so much better than the original. It’s strange. Sometimes you just need that push to get out of the blocks.

In terms of other adjustments I’ve added some Noise reduction. Part from that the image is all natural.

Sunrise in Norrbotten
© Pedro Hansson - Sunrise in Norrbotten

Electric moon

During my winter holiday I spent some time in Piteå. The 27:th of December was a remarkable day in terms of a beautiful sky and a clear moon, so I spent a whole day walking around in my old home town. On my way back (behind Nolia for those that are familiar with Piteå) I came across some electric wires, and just behind the wires, The Moon – so I thought I’d call the pic Electric Moon…

Hope you all get a good start of your week.

Electric Moon
© Pedro Hansson - Electric Moon

Julbord in Stockholm

In Sweden we have a tradition called Julbord (Christmas table). Almost every company  as well as all the familys meet up to have “a Julbord”. This is a tradition that goes on from first of Advent until Christmas day, and is a “must have” on Christmas eve. A typical julbord consists of Herring, ham, meatballs, salmon and many many more dishes. It’s almost like Spanish tapas but served in the middle of the room where all pic up their food.

Yesterday I had a Julbord at an old ship called Mälardrottningen. The weather wasn’t typical Swedish since we still have no ice (!!) and just a little snow, but we have plenty of clouds and rain 🙂

This is a pic that’s taken from the ship towards the southern parts of Stockholm. The reason for the pic is the lights that I suspect comes from Zinkensdamm.

Hope you had a nice weekend

© Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Söder - Nikon D7000

The 3 symptoms of killing our dreams

This is the second time I’ll make a post with a reference to Paulo Coelho. The writer that never got The Nobel Prize, but definitely should have got it by now.

The article is from Paulo Coelho’s blog and it’s about how we sometimes just let our dreams vanish instead of keep chasing them.

I hope you find it interesting…

Link to the article

Seaweed in Piteå
(c) Pedro Hansson - Seaweed in Piteå - Nikon D7000

A man with two dogs

Yesterday I had a night out on the town and took some photographs for an album that I will post tomorrow “Stockholm getting ready for Christmas”. During the evening we came across this man buying flowers in an alley in Stockholm Old Town. I immediately thought that it looked like a scene from a movie. The atmosphere, the mans face impressions and the two dogs that looked like they’ve got a million dollar treat!

I took about 10 pictures and I actually think that the man with the two dogs came out the best…

This is my favourite out of the 10. It isn’t by far the most sharp or perfect out of them  but what I like with this picture is the atmosphere. I put the camera ISO really low (200), which is really low for evening time so the camera needed a longer shutter time, which let the image be a bit blurry due to handshaking, but I think that was better for keeping the atmosphere there. Don’t know if I succeeded in capturing the feeling but I thought I’ll share it for further commenting.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

20111118 A man with two dogs
(c) Pedro Hansson – Nikon D7000 – A man with two dogs

Stockholm, early morning – Drottninggatan

In Stockholm we have a pedestrian street called Drottninggatan where the city council have put down famous quotes in shiny steel. This is a picture from earlier today on my way to work when the streets were still pretty empty.

Drottninggatan in Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - iPhone-photo

Short movie/time lapse – Sunrise in Piteå

As the readers of this blog already know, I’ve spent the last weekend in my home town, Piteå. A weekend that promised some, but delivered a lot. Met some old friends, spent time with my family, had a Palt-dinner (local course) and also had an amazing photo session on saturday.

Since we had cloudy weather on friday (and to be honest I also felt terrible due to my cold) I didn’t expect much for saturday, but what a day it turned out to be.

This is my first posting from that day.

Hope you enjoy!

(Please watch in full screen mode)


My idea behind this photo was to portrait the difference between the different stages in life – the two girls eating, and the woman and the man sitting on the bench – are in.

I tried to use a different composition where I kept the pole as a separator between the two couples.

(c) Pedro Hansson - Picture taken in Stockholm on 17:th of September 2011. Works better in full screen mode.


The last few days this blog has been almost all about iPhone and the new iOS5, and almost nothing about photography so I guess it’s time to go back to normal again.

Winter is soon here in Sweden and today we almost had 0 degrees celsius when I woke up. So I thought a picture from a few months ago would help to keep us warm.

This pic is from an amazing summer night in early August. The night was warm, the sky was blue and the sounds from people cheering and toasting was all there. In short, a perfect summer night.

Hope you’ll have a great day.

(c) Pedro Hansson - Gröna Lund, Stockholm