A man with two dogs

Yesterday I had a night out on the town and took some photographs for an album that I will post tomorrow “Stockholm getting ready for Christmas”. During the evening we came across this man buying flowers in an alley in Stockholm Old Town. I immediately thought that it looked like a scene from a movie. The atmosphere, the mans face impressions and the two dogs that looked like they’ve got a million dollar treat!

I took about 10 pictures and I actually think that the man with the two dogs came out the best…

This is my favourite out of the 10. It isn’t by far the most sharp or perfect out of them  but what I like with this picture is the atmosphere. I put the camera ISO really low (200), which is really low for evening time so the camera needed a longer shutter time, which let the image be a bit blurry due to handshaking, but I think that was better for keeping the atmosphere there. Don’t know if I succeeded in capturing the feeling but I thought I’ll share it for further commenting.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

20111118 A man with two dogs
(c) Pedro Hansson – Nikon D7000 – A man with two dogs

16 thoughts on “A man with two dogs

    1. Thank you Mufidah! So happy that the atmosphere shined through. I think that the wide angle lens (12-24) helped to catch the surroundings. Thankful for your comment!

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