The 3 symptoms of killing our dreams

This is the second time I’ll make a post with a reference to Paulo Coelho. The writer that never got The Nobel Prize, but definitely should have got it by now.

The article is from Paulo Coelho’s blog and it’s about how we sometimes just let our dreams vanish instead of keep chasing them.

I hope you find it interesting…

Link to the article

Seaweed in Piteå
(c) Pedro Hansson - Seaweed in Piteå - Nikon D7000

10 thoughts on “The 3 symptoms of killing our dreams

  1. That’s a wonderful image Pedro. Nice work!

    Secondly, the article/blog post is fascinating. It was scary in a way to read it, as it made me think, “Just say I give up my dream?” The consequences are too great. Paulo Coelho has a way with words – and they have really resonated with me. Especially in the last part where he states, “..dead dreams begin to rot within us and infect our entire being. We become cruel… and begin to direct cruelty against ourselves.” Who wants to be like that? I will continue to pursue my dream to be a travel writer and I thank you for sharing this link. Here’s to “fighting the Good Fight”!

  2. I adore this image, Pedro. Just wonderful. And thanks for the link to the article. I think he hit it right on. Dreams can be a scary thing in ways, as they can push us out of our comfort zone, But therein lies the fun also. Love this post.

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