Short movie/time lapse – Sunrise in Piteå

As the readers of this blog already know, I’ve spent the last weekend in my home town, Piteå. A weekend that promised some, but delivered a lot. Met some old friends, spent time with my family, had a Palt-dinner (local course) and also had an amazing photo session on saturday.

Since we had cloudy weather on friday (and to be honest I also felt terrible due to my cold) I didn’t expect much for saturday, but what a day it turned out to be.

This is my first posting from that day.

Hope you enjoy!

(Please watch in full screen mode)

6 thoughts on “Short movie/time lapse – Sunrise in Piteå

  1. Great composition here. I really love this this. Can’t beat a tree, water, sunset, beach and all in the same photo. Perfection. 🙂 Glad the day turned out better than you thought it would! 🙂

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