iPhone 4S – camera test

Last month I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the new 4S. I couldn’t say that there is a big difference between the two.

The main reason for upgrading was the improved camera so during the last weeks I’ve taken some pictures and to be honest, the difference isn’t as big as I thought, but of course it’s better.

But maybe it isn’t about the cam when it all comes down… a good photo is always a good photo, with almost any cam 🙂

Almost all pics are taken with the app Pro HDR in Stockholm and are not edited in a computer afterwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8 thoughts on “iPhone 4S – camera test

  1. I agree the person taking the pic is far more important than what the pic was taken with. The 4S seems to do very well in low light situations – great slide show showing the versitality.

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