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© Pedro Hansson - Picture from fligt to Luleå on the 12:th of April
© Pedro Hansson – iPhone Picture from flight to Luleå on the 12:th of April – App used, HDR Pro

If you’re interested in tech, gadgets, cars, f1 and so on you might like my “tech-blog” While this blog is aiming at thoughts, life’s great mysteries and of course Photography, http://lifeinsumpan is more on the shallow parts of life.

I guess that these blogs together might illustrate life in general; we’re all not just one-sided. Everyone has many sides depending on where you choose to look.

Hope to see some of you over there as well.

Best wishes for Saturday

Current best iPhone Photo Apps in my opinion

One of my first posts on this blog was about which iPhone Photo-apps I prefered. Well, those things change when apps get updated and new apps are developed, so I thought I’d share my best apps at this moment.


I downloaded Snapseed quite a long time ago (in technology terms) and I immediately liked the GUI. Professional, and really easy to use at the same time. I can’t say that this app is the best in terms of the amount of filters, or in number of parameters you can change, but I think it’s one of the best apps when it comes to quality and GUI.

Startscreen in Snapseed

Photoshop Express (link to app store) – From my previous post
In the image-industry Adobe are one of the biggest players, and the Photoshop-software have been around for quite awhile. With Photoshop Express you get one feature that I think is necessary if you’re keen on getting the noise out of your pictures, Noise Reduction. This feature is actually the one ingle feature that I use in this app, but since Noise often is a problem when you’re using mobile phone, I use it on almost every pic I share.

Below you have the same picture, with and without the reduce noise function in Photoshop Express.

iPhone-image of Visby sunset without reduce noise function (Click image for large version)

Same picture as above, but now with reduce noise (Click image for large version)

A note to those that will use this function is that, when you reduce noise, you also loose details so the result will, as always, differ depending on what you want to show. In the images above I’ve tried to show this. Photoshop is free but you have to spend a few bucks on getting the Reduce Noise Function.

Instagram (link to app-store) – From my previous post
If you like filters, and sharing images with the rest of the world, you’ll love Instagram (my nickname at Instagram is pedrohansson). I’m surprised how creative, and actually really beautiful images that are shared at Instagram. And many of those just taken with their iPhone (1) What I think separates Instagram from many other “filter-apps” is Instagrams strength as a company. You can feel the quality in all their software.

© Pedro Hansson – iPhone-Image using Instagram-app
Upplands Väsby Sweden

Pro-HDR (link to App-store)
Pro-HDR is one of the apps that I’m using the most. The iPhones built-in functionality for HDR is quite good, but this app is so far ahead in terms of control and image quality. If you don’t know HDR from before, and are interested in getting some new ideas for your photographic sessions, I suggest that you look into it.

In short HDR is a technique where you are using several exposures (over- and under exposed) to create one image. By using several exposures you can use the lighter information from the under exposed image, and vice versa. HDR-apps can also be used for creating motion and ghost-like effects.

The hard part, when you’re HDR is to keep the camera absolute still, otherwise you get some blurry effects.

© Pedro Hansson – iPhone HDR-image of
South Kensington Station in London

I hope you can use some of the app-tips above. Happy for comments. What is your best photo-app and how do you use it?

(1) A portion of the images at Instagram are shot with professional equipment

HDR – Ugly or Beautiful?

Recently I’ve read quite a few articles about HDR.

Is HDR a “real technique”? Is it a “true” technique? Should I use HDR on all images or just some type of images? I guess this debate is interesting because the debate is much about new technology. Those in favor of HDR usually says that HDR is the closest thing to reality, and I guess those against arguing in the absolute opposite direction.

Anyway, here’s one of the interesting articles on the subject.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday evening

Image from Pixiq - John Neel

Link to the article ->

iPhone 4S – camera test

Last month I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the new 4S. I couldn’t say that there is a big difference between the two.

The main reason for upgrading was the improved camera so during the last weeks I’ve taken some pictures and to be honest, the difference isn’t as big as I thought, but of course it’s better.

But maybe it isn’t about the cam when it all comes down… a good photo is always a good photo, with almost any cam 🙂

Almost all pics are taken with the app Pro HDR in Stockholm and are not edited in a computer afterwards.

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