Stockholm through my iPhone lens – 20€ Macro lens test

Last week I read a post on the internet about a macro lens for iPhone. The post was really positive even though the hardware had a cost of €20! I thought it sounded really strange. Can a macro lens for an iPhone be of any good, and can it cost you only €20?

So during this great easter holiday in Sweden I thought that I should try it out so I bought one two days ago. When I first held it my hands I thought it was some kind of a joke. Could these tiny bits really produce anything?!

Of course, if you compare it to normal Macro lenses you will get really disappointed, but if you look at it as a fun gadget to bring you around (and I can tell you it’s addictive!!) it’s great!

These are some shots I took during my first day with the lens, and at the bottom you’ll see what they look like in real.

@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - My favorite sample shot of iPhone Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - The Macro lens kit (headphones only for comparison)

Amazing Kodachromes from Russia

Some days ago I came across this beautiful post of Kodachromes from second world war. While I truly is against all types of war, these photos are really amazing. Imagine taking those kind of pictures at that time. The sharpness, the lighting, the DoF and definitely no sign of auto focus or point and shot 🙂
At that time photography was truly a work of art and knowledge.

The description on the site is in Russia so I took the liberty to translate it to English. I hope that you enjoy these pics as much as I do. If you haven’t visited the site, don’t miss it if you’re into old photos.

I often go to the site inspired color Kodahroma. The site is widely known for its archival photographs, so it is unlikely he will be opening for you. But now I wanted to make a selection chosen to hand was on the same page and in good quality. Perhaps you too would be interested. All images were made in 1940-1943. Signatures transfer did not, because what is bad and I’m afraid I can misquote. But in general, all so clear

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – Skeppsholmen

Friday night I spent at the restaurant Pontus By The Sea here in Stockholm. On the other side of the water from that restaurant, there’s a boat with a Hostel on it called Af Chapman. This is a view from the restaurant side.

The pic is taken with an app called Slow Shutter. With this app you can set the shutter speed (like using the S-mode on a DSLR). This pic is taken with 15 seconds open shutter. I really like this app if it wasn’t the fact that the pics can only be 3 MP in size.

I’ve added a “clearity-filter” and framed the photo in Photo Toaster and reduced noise with photoshop for iPhone afterwards.

© Pedro Hansson - Stockholm through an iPhone lens

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – Sunset over Lake Mälaren

This is a picture taken of the sunset, the 13:th of March. The view is over Lake Mälaren and the picture is taken in Stockholms archipelago.

The apps used for creating this pic is HDR Pro and Photoshop Express for reducing noise.

© Pedro Hansson - Sunset over Lake Mälaren - iPhone

Stockholm through my iPhone lens

This is the first real week in Stockholm with “full spring”. In Sweden this is some amazing days. It seems like everyone just un-freezes from the Winter and there are happy people all around.

What’s also really amazing when spring arrives (as in the autumn) is the lighting conditions for photo. I can’t exactly tell you what it is but I think it get’s so much easier to get good shots, even with an iPhone-camera, so I’ve been quite busy taking pics during the days this week.

First of is a pic of Kungsgatan two days ago during lunch hour. What I like with this view is that there are very few who takes any pictures here (maybe it’s due to looking silly on a shopping street.. I don’t know 🙂 ) while I think this view holds one of Stockholm’s nicest views of great architecture.

This pic is taken with HDR and then adjusted with Photo Toaster to get a touch of an older look.

I hope you all have a have a great week!

@ Pedro Hansson - Kungsgatan Stockholm, Sweden

Tara Miller, a blind photographer

Tara Miller from Winnipeg entered the Photo Contest “Canadian National Institute for the Blind”. The contest was aimed at the public, both blind and non-blind. Tara was the only one with under 10% sight, 6%. Despite that, she went ahead and won the contest.

This is the pic she used to win the contest. Click the image to read more about Tara and her husband Jeff. Don’t miss out the galleries either.

Winning image made by Tara Miller

HDR – Ugly or Beautiful?

Recently I’ve read quite a few articles about HDR.

Is HDR a “real technique”? Is it a “true” technique? Should I use HDR on all images or just some type of images? I guess this debate is interesting because the debate is much about new technology. Those in favor of HDR usually says that HDR is the closest thing to reality, and I guess those against arguing in the absolute opposite direction.

Anyway, here’s one of the interesting articles on the subject.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday evening

Image from Pixiq - John Neel

Link to the article ->

Todays sunset in Stockholm

On my way from work today I had to stop two times. Just had to preserve todays sunset that was awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t have my DSLR, but I’m really starting to like my “little friend”, the Olympus. Small enough to keep in the pocket everywhere I go and I think the quality is satisfying compared to the size.

Hope you have a great evening!

@ Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Januari 2012 - Olympuz XZ-1
@ Pedro Hansson - Stockholm Januari 2012 - Olympus XZ-1


Last day of an intense week

So, this is Sunday evening. The end of a week, that in many ways feels like a month! The week started of hectically with all the work that needed to be done, before getting up from bed at 3:30 Tuesday morning to jump on a plane to London for the ICE fair, so Tuesday night was a night out, and do I need to tell that my eyes were both pointing at my nose?!

@ Pedro Hansson - A squirrel I shared a power bar with in London - Olympus XZ-1

Wednesday went by pretty quick. Had some nice discussions during the day and in the evening I had a great dinner together with some new acquaintances and a colleague of mine. Back at the hotel I found out that an old school friend from Piteå also was in London. 15 minutes later we had a beer and shared some laughs at a restaurant and talked to a French woman in her 60:s about life in general, and the history of Europe. A friendly conversation that made some sudden U-turns at the end when she started to repeat “I wanna kill, I wanna kill”…. 🙂  so, we jumped in a taxi and finished the night down at Picadilly.

Thursday afternoon I went back to Stockholm and had a full night of sleep.  Friday morning I had some really interesting business meetings before I went on a conference with me and my colleagues company, DevCode. We stayed at a conference center called Skepparholmen which I really recommend! Great service, great view and excellent food! In the evening we spent two hours in the outside pool, surrounded by snow and all the boats that enters / leaves Stockholm. Magic! A good conference that I think can be important for the future.

@ Pedro Hansson - View from the pool at Skepparholmen (iPhone is not that good in the dark)

Suddenly, it was Sunday. A week that went by as fast as it can and at the same time feels like it was an eternity.

To get back on track I spent the whole Sunday walking in the spring like weather in the woods in Stockholm. Don’t think that are any better ways to slow down and fill up the reserves again.

© Pedro Hansson - A frozen plant in winter time towards a sunny sky in Stockholm, Grimsta. Olympuz XZ-1

I hope you all had a great week too, and best wishes for the new week.