Stockholm through my iPhone lens – Skeppsholmen

Friday night I spent at the restaurant Pontus By The Sea here in Stockholm. On the other side of the water from that restaurant, there’s a boat with a Hostel on it called Af Chapman. This is a view from the restaurant side.

The pic is taken with an app called Slow Shutter. With this app you can set the shutter speed (like using the S-mode on a DSLR). This pic is taken with 15 seconds open shutter. I really like this app if it wasn’t the fact that the pics can only be 3 MP in size.

I’ve added a “clearity-filter” and framed the photo in Photo Toaster and reduced noise with photoshop for iPhone afterwards.

© Pedro Hansson - Stockholm through an iPhone lens

8 thoughts on “Stockholm through my iPhone lens – Skeppsholmen

    1. Yes it’s an iPhone-photo. The good thing with the slow shutter-app is that you can get pretty descent pictures, even in low light conditions. As a friend of mine says: “all cameras are good” 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment Sirenia! Appreciate it!

  1. Sirenia

    Wow, I am impressed, really!
    I believe you when you say “all camreas are good” – seeing the result here 🙂
    Really good 😀

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