Amazing Kodachromes from Russia

Some days ago I came across this beautiful post of Kodachromes from second world war. While I truly is against all types of war, these photos are really amazing. Imagine taking those kind of pictures at that time. The sharpness, the lighting, the DoF and definitely no sign of auto focus or point and shot 🙂
At that time photography was truly a work of art and knowledge.

The description on the site is in Russia so I took the liberty to translate it to English. I hope that you enjoy these pics as much as I do. If you haven’t visited the site, don’t miss it if you’re into old photos.

I often go to the site inspired color Kodahroma. The site is widely known for its archival photographs, so it is unlikely he will be opening for you. But now I wanted to make a selection chosen to hand was on the same page and in good quality. Perhaps you too would be interested. All images were made in 1940-1943. Signatures transfer did not, because what is bad and I’m afraid I can misquote. But in general, all so clear

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