Great “Hidden” Feature in iOS – Reminders Based On Locations

It was just a month ago when I had lunch with an android user who showed me a great app where he could set reminders based on location. I searched for a similar app within app store, but I couldn’t find anyone good enough.

While I was looking i came across an article that were describing the same feature, in a native iphone app. Bingo!

So, what is this feature all about? For instance, you can set a reminder when you enter a store, and the have your shopping list right in front of you when you enter. Launch a specific reminder when your phone is connected to your car, call home when you leave work and so on. It may sound like a small thing, but actually it helps me a lot every day.

So how do you use it?

Start “Reminders”, (“Påminnelser” is the Swedish word for that)

Click on the + sign, and write your reminder – in this case “Pick up dry cleaning”

Foto 2016-03-29 18 14 40

Then, click on the small (i) sign

In the third row you will find “Remind me on a specific location” (Påminn mig på en plats). Toggle that button, and “location” will appear. Click it.

Photo 29-03-16 18 47 59

Now you’ll find a number of suggestions on where you want to be reminded. You can choose to be reminded when you enter, or when you’re leaving.

Foto 2016-03-29 18 17 54

I hope you find it as useful as I do! A great feature, not so well-known in iOS.


A New Era in AI Has Begun

Lee Sedol had seen all the tricks. He knew all the moves. As one of the world’s best and most experienced players of the complex board game Go, it was difficult to surprise him. But halfway through his first match against AlphaGo, the artificially intelligent player developed by Google DeepMind, Lee was already flabbergasted. AlphaGo…

via Google’s AI won the game Go by defying millennia of basic human instinct — Quartz

If You Want To Know Where Your Heart Is

This is a quote that comes in many shapes. I’ve heard it in my professional carrier as “Where your mind goes, your energy flows”, but I guess this one is a more private one. Anyhow, I think that there is a lot of truth in these simple words.

The photo is taken in Vemdalen – Sweden


This Is A Really Cool Kickstarter Project – Digital Meets Analog

Write with an “ordinary” pen, on “ordinary” paper and get the notes uploaded to the cloud automatically. When you’re out of pages, just microwave the papers, and they will be erased.

Link to the project:

For Those That Have Almost Nothing At all

The day after New Year Celebrations in Barcelona, I walked around a silent Barcelona, and there was one image that really stayed in my mind.

This man; a few hours after thousands of people have surrounded him, cheering in champagne, launched fire crackers and so on, this man rested against a door. Alone.

He had his open can of olives, his shoes and a bottle of water. I just wondered, how did he end up here? Our world is getting better all the time (yes it is), and I really hope that no one, in a future not so distant will say there wishes for a new year, in conditions like this.

Lonely man Barcelona