Hyperrealism – These are NOT pictures, they are drawings

Today I was introduced to a new form of art, Hyperrealism. To be frank I still find it hard to understand that these are drawings and not pictures. Among the most impressive things I’ve seen…

“Hyperrealism was born from the idea of photorealism, which are paintings based on photographs but created in a non-photographic medium.

Taking an average of between three and six weeks to produce, Cadden creates about seven pieces each year – which usually come in A1 or A0 sizes – and sell at galleries for up to £5,000 each.”
From Mail online

Link to Paul Caddens homepage

© Paul Cadden / Solent News

4 thoughts on “Hyperrealism – These are NOT pictures, they are drawings

      1. Yes, I did. I like the woman in India! I wish to see those paintings in person! Cause they all look like photographs! Hard to believe they aren’t! 😀 That impresses me!

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