A Guy Walking In The Sand – Zoom Out And See Why

The followers of this blog may remember the post about the “crazy guy walking in the snow“. This must be his counterpart in Summertime, Andres Amador. Amazing manmade patterns in the sand,  and what I like the most about it; he’s doing it just for fun!

Source for this blogpost is Viralnova

Andres Amador



These Are Not Photos – They Are Paintings – Hyperrealism Part 2

It’s really hard to understand that these images by Jason de Graaf are not photos; they are paintings. I have previously made some posts within the same area – Hyperrealism, about Paul Cadden and I think that Jason is as talented.

If you want to dig into his paintings a bit further, you’ll find his homepage here

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Looks Like a Crazy Guy In the Snow, But ZOOM out!

Earlier today I learned about this great performer, Simon Beck, and his snow art. I can’t imagine how many hours he is spending on these beautiful patterns, but they are all awesome! Don’t miss

I share four of the photos, but please visit his Facebook page for more information and easy access to his art.

What’s the most amazing is that the images is changing during the day, so they all need a multitude of planning for the reflections, shadows and structure.

Danny MacAskill’s Bike Stunts in an Imaginary World – Sport / Bike, Meets Art, Meets Photography, Meets Music

The video starts at 0:45

This clip is a great mix of so many skills! Awesome bike stunts by the athlete Danny MacAskill (artist name I suppose 🙂 ), great artistry in bringing a toy world to the real world, great footage and to wrap it up… great music, “Houston” with Runaway.

For those interested in Photography, don’t miss out on the behind the scenes clip (link at the end of the video)


These Are NOT Pictures, They Are Drawings – 10 Astounding Examples of Photorealism

I’ve previously posted a link to Paul Caddens amazing photorealistic art.

Here you find some more of those amazing artists that can make their art look like amazing photos.


Two examples. Link to full article at the bottom

Adolfo Fernando Rodriguez
Ralf Goings

Link to full article