Can you see it?

I got this picture sent to me on Facebook today and to be honest (I guess I have to blame it on the flu) it took me quite awhile before I got it. It’s a litte bit of a brain-game.

As it said in the Facebook-mail;
First you don’t get it… Then you do… And then you can’t UN-get it!”

Please respect others experience and keep it to your self, the key 🙂

So, can you see it?

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18 thoughts on “Can you see it?

  1. Henrik

    It took a minute then it came to me! Great fun! 🙂
    It might be easier for Bruces than Shielas to get the connection but who am I to say?

    1. I was also slow in getting it but don’t want to ruin it for others. I finally solved it when I looked at the bottom left 🙂 That’s a little clue 😉

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