Last days of snow in Stockholm

This winter went by so fast. There wasn’t much snow to talk about and on the news they are talking about 10 degrees celsius today, Saturday and Sunday, so I guess we will not see so much snow in Stockholm anymore.

During a day when I took a really long walk (the same day that I shot the pic of the seaweed posted recently) I also passed by this snowy roof against the sun. I really liked the lines of the roof and the crispy cristals of snow.

Life doesn’t have to expensive to be absolutely beautiful.

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend

Snowy roof
@ Pedro Hansson - Snowy Roof - Olympus XZ-1


6 thoughts on “Last days of snow in Stockholm

  1. Pitetjej

    Väldigt vackert! Gillar formerna och linjerna. Tänk att det är så stor skillnad mellan olika ställen i Sverige, vi i norr lär ju få njuta av den vackra vårvintern än ett bra tag 🙂

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