Sad news about Steve Jobs

For the last years I’ve been a true fan of Apple (as I might some of you already figured out…). I often even joking about my home as a live “Apple store”.

I’m really sad to receive the sad news about this inspiring man leaving us. A man with true visions and a clear sense of where we are going.

If you haven’t read the blog post, or seen the video in “one of the most inspirational speeches ever”, today is a good day to watch it.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs!

2 thoughts on “Sad news about Steve Jobs

  1. I’ve been using apple computers ever since 1992 and it’s
    always my favorite for all my graphics needs and i always
    admire the creator and inventor. Every year i would buy
    new macs just because I love the simplicity and didn’t
    have to use any anti virus software. I am very sad and
    feeling weak when I heard about the news about Mr. Steve
    Jobs passing. I respect him and all the effort and passion
    that he did to make life and work fun and not boring. He is
    always thinking ahead of himself as far as innovation is concern.
    Thanks Job for everything I will always remember you and keep
    you in my heart. Apple is a big part of my life and apple is

  2. He was a man that I guess had an impact on almost every person in the western world. Ramarkable entrepreneur and also a man with an eye for the beauty in life. Guess the world would’ve been different with him still in it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this.

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