App reviews – In general

I’m really interested in Apps for the phone since the phone is the nr 1 camera in terms of mobility. However there are so many apps out there at this moment. In this blog you’ll find app-reviews from time to time.

To make these reviews a little more generic I will start a small, on volley invented, point system and will in future judge (1-6) iPhone apps in terms of:

  • “easy-to-use” – How easy is the app to actually use in terms of GUI, user friendliness and workflow?
  • Image Quality – Is the app focused on good pictures in terms of noise level, pixel-level and so on
  • Creativity – How creative is the app in terms of artistic freedom (this doesn’t necessary mean that the app is good but will let the user to a number of settings for each picture)
  • Level of usage (is it an app that’s REALLY good but you won’t use it or is ut just an average app but there’s something about it that still will make you use it?)
  • Overall score in terms of an app that I truly will use (since I guess we all already have to many downloaded)

The point system may change but I’ll start off with the settings above. If you have any feedback on this, please let me know.

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