App review – Iris Photo Suite

Iris Photo Suite (15 SEK = $2)

Iris has during the last two days became one of my favourite iPhone-photo-apps. Why? Well, so far I haven’t found an app that have so much functionality in a Phone and still it’s so easy to use, and at the same time comes packaged with so much great functionality.

In the app you’ll find many features that you normally just find in quite advanced photo editors on your laptop/PC/Mac. But this isn’t just the case, you’ll also find filters that’s quite like Hipstamatic, Instamatic and so on.


  • “easy-to-use” – 4
    Since there are so much functionality I’m not sure how all the functionality will benefit everyone. But if you’re used to image processing software in general you’ll love it!
  • Image Quality – 6 (as an iPhone-app)
    I haven’t seen so many functions in an iPhone app before and when you have sharpening tools as well as reduce noise tools you can come pretty far just using your phone.
  • Creativity – 5
    There are more filters and tweaks in this software than I have seen before. But the most screwed ones are off course not here.
  • Level of usage – 5
    When it comes to workflow and picture processing management I really love that you can go directly to so many functions. For the photo interested audience it’s definitively a 6.
  • Overall score – 6
    Best image processing software I’ve seen so far.

At this moment this is one of my absolute favourite iPhone-apps.

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