5 hearts – Pic of the day

This pic is one of my favourites. Not because of the image quality (I didn’t have macro at the time when I took this picture) but due to the fact that I just used to pass by this tree every day (located approx 6 feet from my front door), but I didn’t see the small things.

Every 5-star is approx 7-8 mm in size and in the middle you’ll find 5 hearts. Nature is really cool sometimes!

Shot taken with a Nikon D5000 18/105-lens.

4 thoughts on “5 hearts – Pic of the day

    1. They are pretty usual but they’re just visible during a few months at the beginning of autumn (as far as I know). Thank you for your nice comment šŸ™‚ I’ll post a pic with the same flower but from when the winter is approaching.

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