Looks Like a Crazy Guy In the Snow, But ZOOM out!

Earlier today I learned about this great performer, Simon Beck, and his snow art. I can’t imagine how many hours he is spending on these beautiful patterns, but they are all awesome! Don’t miss

I share four of the photos, but please visit his Facebook page for more information and easy access to his art.

What’s the most amazing is that the images is changing during the day, so they all need a multitude of planning for the reflections, shadows and structure.

Best album of all times – Number 18

© Pedro Hansson - Out of the cellar (photo from Bormio 2013)
© Pedro Hansson – Out of the cellar (photo from Bormio 2013)
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Best album of all times – Number 18: Ratt – Out Ot The Cellar  (1984)

Ratt, the band with the name that’s a synonym to Steering Wheel in Swedish was one of my big favorites as a teenager, and they still are. Risen from the L.A Glam scene, in competition with bands like Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and its likes, Ratt was a solid contender of the heavy metal scene back in my youth. In Sweden they had a few hits, but my feeling is that the group didn’t get the attention that they deserved, and experienced in other parts of the world.

The guitar sound from this record may be one of the most “cold” guitar sounds ever, and the tempo slow for this kind of music, while the vocals are “slow”; but wow this is a great album from start to finish. An album that’s solid and well-kept together as a whole. This was one of those albums that could’ve ended up on many places in this 40-top list; both higher and lower.

In my opinion Round and Round is the most significant contribution of all songs on this record. The song is almost a summary of the rest of the tracks.

I guess the lyrics won’t be mentioned in the lyrics classes in the 2100:s, but the clean crisp sound may end up in the musical classes.

If you want to explore more music by Ratt, check out the track Lay it down from the “Invasion of your privacy album” (1985), and while you’re at it, their more recent albums.

In my opinion the more recent contributions doesn’t share the same quality as before but still some good music to explore… and yes, they are (as a brand at least) still active with new albums on their way.

Best wishes for a great Tuesday.

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Photo, nature and awesome ski rides

I guess I’m – at least in Sweden – one of very few that already longs for winter time. During the last few years I’ve really discovered the alps and the amazing nature, and of course adrenaline rides it can bring.

Earlier today I watched some videos with some of the best skiers in the world, and it’s strange, I almost can’t wait for next winter when I see this. Normally I’m a guy who’s a speed freak in the slopes, but these videos are really inspiring in terms of off-pist, technique and so on.

But as always… it’s better to enjoy every season and appreciate it for what it brings, so let’s make the summer of 2013 the best ever, and prepare for next winter.

Anyhow, for next winter, here comes some inspiration.

…and for all of you who enjoys photo, this video is AMAZING!