Photo, nature and awesome ski rides

I guess I’m – at least in Sweden – one of very few that already longs for winter time. During the last few years I’ve really discovered the alps and the amazing nature, and of course adrenaline rides it can bring.

Earlier today I watched some videos with some of the best skiers in the world, and it’s strange, I almost can’t wait for next winter when I see this. Normally I’m a guy who’s a speed freak in the slopes, but these videos are really inspiring in terms of off-pist, technique and so on.

But as always… it’s better to enjoy every season and appreciate it for what it brings, so let’s make the summer of 2013 the best ever, and prepare for next winter.

Anyhow, for next winter, here comes some inspiration.

…and for all of you who enjoys photo, this video is AMAZING!


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