A Story For the Weekend – Be Proud

This is a story I found on the internet. In my mind the moral of the story is great for all of those who put their mind into something, no matter what other people think about it.

Have a great weekend!

Nadja was the most talented student at art school . Through hard work, dedication, imagination and great artistic talent, she had made ​​it through the hard training, and now she was soon finished .

– Now you have only one lesson left, her teacher told her one day. Your task is to paint a picture, which will be your most outstanding work to date.

Nadja worked day and night, and in the end the painting was finished . This was indeed her best work!

– The teacher praised her. Very good! Now take the board to the square and hang it where everyone can see it. Attach a sign to the painting that tells that you would be very grateful if anyone who finds an error in the board would like to mark it with a cross.

Nadja did exactly what the teacher said , and then waited impatiently for a few days. Then she hurried to the square, tense with anticipation. Would she pass the test? Should the painting be free of marks? But the heart was very heavy in the chest when she watched her painting. Even from a distance , she could see that the painting was way over scribbled with a cross. Now she would certainly be failed.

Distressed , she returned to school, and showed the painting to her teacher. He did not say much, but asked Nadja make a new one – if possible, even better than the last!

This time Nadja worked even harder. She wanted so badly to succeed! The teacher also praised the new painting and explained that it would also be exhibited on the square.

But this time , the message next to it would be a little different.

Nadja listened to the instructions and then hurried to the square. There, she hung up the painting along with a new sign. Also this sign urging people to mark out any errors. But now the spectators had the chance to correct the errors, using brushes and paint that stood next to it.

And what a surprise – when Nadja returned a few days later she didn’t find a single fault. In complete joy and happiness, she returned to school and showed up the painting for her teacher.

– You have now learned the last lesson you need, the teacher said with a smile. And the lesson is this : There will always be people who will judge your work. The first painting was filled with crosses, because many people wants to be part of things and criticize when they get the chance – even if they have no knowledge of the subject. The second painting was free of the corrections, as the assessors’ own knowledge and skill was at stake.

So when you’ve put your mind to something, used all your talent and your heart into a project, be your own judge. YOU give the work its value – and the world’s viewers can never take that away from you.

And do not forget that this is also true when you have to judge someone else’s life’s work.

Author unknown

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