Pixelstick Takes Your Long Exposure Photography To A Trippy New Level

Interesting technology / Kickstarter-project for Light Painting


Remember that night when you and your friends discovered how to “draw” with your camera’s long exposure function?

You started out simple, piercing the dark with a cheap handheld flashlight as you traced a terrible rendition of your name through the air. You were hardly halfway through the last letter of your name before you were running over to the camera to see if it worked. You, like many a bored digital camera owner before you, had discovered light painting.

Pixelstick takes that concept to a pretty ridiculous extreme.

pixel test 2

As its name implies, Pixelstick is… a stick of pixels.

More specifically, the Pixelstick is a 6’ bar containing 198 full color LEDs. At the core of Pixelstick is a simple brain: a handheld controller, an SD card reader, and a bit of lightweight circuitry to parse images pulled from the card.

Pixelstick displays those images just one vertical line…

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