1 TB free upload, and brand new design – Flickr’s on the move

Today Flickr announced that they are increasing free storage to 1 TB / user. This was previously limited to professional users, but now it’s available for all users.

It’s evident that Flickr are serious in getting up to speed with the competition from 500px, Instagram/Facebook and so on.

Read more about this here

© Pedro Hansson - Goodbye - Man in Sundbyberg
© Pedro Hansson – Goodbye – Man in Sundbyberg

2 thoughts on “1 TB free upload, and brand new design – Flickr’s on the move

  1. At first, I thought the changes were all good. Now, I’m not sure sure. More confused than anything.
    • Pro users used to get unlimited uploading, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. That is no longer available. It is also unclear which users who are current Pro account holders can continue to extend their accounts.
    • It is still unclear which entitlements once offered only to Pro users are now also available on free accounts.
    • It will be now more expensive to upgrade for ad-free viewing ($49.99 annually), or to double space to two terabytes ($499.99 annually).
    As I wrote earlier today, I wish Flickr were a bit more transparent about their back-end changes.
    On the other hand, their visual/esthetic changes are AWESOME.

    1. Thank you Ricky for your reply. It’s a huge change in terms. I will look into this more carefully during the next days. Thanks for your comment. Will check out your blog for further impressions. Thank you for your reply. I agree regarding the GUI. Awesome!

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