Do not ask why

© Pedro Hansson - Swedish Countryside from a car window - iPhone 4
© Pedro Hansson – Swedish Countryside from a car window – iPhone 4

Yesterday I received a text, written by Olaf Röhlander. One of those texts that, when I read it, it felt almost like it was written directly to me. It felt rather liberating to read what another person – who’s in a similar situation – had written,  and set so positive and inspiring words for that particular situation.


I attended a dinner which I call ‘The Good call’, where the goal for the evening is to leave that evening as a wiser man.

One of the guests were wondering why I do so much. It’s podcast, newsletter, lectures, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, apps and books and all that it is. She honestly was wondering what’s behind my momentum.

I replied that sometimes it’s not good to ask why. The question is only needed when you’ve lost something you want back. When you’re no longer whistling on your way to a meeting, when you don’t feel like anything is at stake anymore, when you don’t have something new to look forward to, then the question is relevant.

I do not know all the reasons why I do what I do. I just know that it’s fun and it feels right. That’s enough for me right now and I do not want to dig into it more than that. The question “why” can sometimes be overrated.

If you always seem to land on your back, if you ever seem to end up in the wrong place in the wrong context, if you do not have an internal compass, then the question of “why” will be relevant. Then, but not always.

If you have no glow left, if the morning coffee no longer tastes anything, if the sun rays of spring shines through the window and it won’t do do anything with you. Then, ask “why”, but not before.

Humans have a desire to know, we are curious. If you want to explain, understand or change anything, the question is good, but just because someone succeeds in formulate a question, it does not mean that it is automatically entitled an answer, as I see it.

The word “why” open for analysis and brooding. Sometimes the whole is more important than details. If you know that someone loves you, do not ask why the person’s doing it. If you do that, then there is also the risk that you will be as violinist who can not enjoy the concert anymore, because she just analyzing the strings.

Some things are enjoyable precisely because of the lack of analysis, and should also be that way. Do you feel ok, the you feel ok. Do you feel happy, you are happy, do you think you’re in love, then you are in love. If things are that way. Enjoy it more and think less.

4 thoughts on “Do not ask why

  1. Jane

    I love how your friends words spoke to you and your words have spoken to me. Such wise words and beautifully written.

  2. Wow. Very well said! It pays to be curious, but life is meant to be lived, not explained. Thank you for reminding me this through this blog post.

    1. Thanks Jam! I agree with you. So many things to explore, experience and learn. Sorry for the late response. Some of the comments have been hidden in my dashboard, but it was really nice to have saved some for today 🙂

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