Some thoughts for (new) entrepreneurs / managers

© Pedro Hansson - Ekerö December 2012
© Pedro Hansson – Ekerö December 2012

This will be a personal posting about something that might not be written so much about; Being an entrepreneur / manager.

Many times you are left all by yourself with questions that you most likely would like to avoid, but on the other hand, being a manager offers the opportunity to make an impact on how you want an organization to function, and what values ​​you stand for, which is a fantastic opportunity.

Please note that this is just my opinion, and far from what might be answers, or a guide to being a manager, it is simply just my view of the job.

Hope that it can help someone out there

—– To you; who might be entrepreneur / manager for the first time —–

– You will never be able to please everyone. Those who are determined to like you will find arguments/reasons for why you made a decision, and find what’s right in that decision. The opposite is true of course. In short, be yourself nothing else works long-term.

– Try to see the positive and the potential / strengths of all. We are all different and so find what’s unique in everyone, and reinforce it.

– Praise in public, criticize in private (old proverb)

– Be human. Being a manager is not primarily that you have a chance to decide. It rather means that you have a chance to, by being yourself, try to make the group follow you on the same trip as you are. All may not like this journey; accept it. There is nothing wrong with them, or you, you are just different

– Whoever wants to be first must be last. My mother said this to me, and as a child I did not understand what she meant, but the older I become the more my interpretation is: If you do not have the ability to serve others, you will have a hard time finding others who would like to serve you.

– Finally. I’m sure there was a reason when they hired you (for managers), or that they started working with you. -> They have dared to bet on you because you are you. Remember that when things are hard.

I guess all the things above can be summarized with heart, humility and passion. It would probably be quicker to just write it like that.

Also remember that you are only human. You will think wrong, you will judge others too hard, you will falter when the tough decisions come, you will at times feel like you are not good enough … then read this letter again.

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