Autumn – Harbor Winter Closing

Yesterday, our small harbor had its closing time for the year which means that the club is closing down and start to prepare for the winter. Since the seasons in Sweden are pretty sharp, in the sense that we really have them all, this also comes with a meaning, that the winter is soon here.

While cleaning up I took a few pictures.

I hope you all have a great start of your working week

© Pedro Hansson – Flower along the canal – Nikon D7000

© Pedro Hansson – After we were done – Nikon D7000
© Pedro Hansson – Bridge deck along the water line – Nikon D7000
© Pedro Hansson – Afterwords – Nikon D7000

3 thoughts on “Autumn – Harbor Winter Closing

  1. A peaceful look at the harbor. When you say it is closing for the season do you mean that the harbor itself is closing or the businesses at the harbor are closing? My favorite is the top shot with the cluster of blooms on the railing.

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