Hurricane Sandy – follow the progress via NASA and Twitter

If you want to get a feeling of the size of Hurricane Sandy, Nasa is sharing satellite images. I’m not sure how often these images are updated but the current ones are from 20 hours ago.

I wish all New Yorkers, and the geographic places around NY the best of luck.

Best wishes! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sandy will be in her best mood when entering land.

NASA Satellites See Sandy Expand as Storm IntensifiesLinked image from Nasa Goddard –

Twitter-accounts to follow:
@NHC_Atlantic – National Hurricane Center
@WSJweather – Wall Street Journal
@breakingstorm – Weather updates
@capitalweather – Focus on DC weather
@weatherchannel – Weather updates
@NASA – Showing satellite pictures from the storm
@fema – The official Federal Emergency Management Agency
@twc_hurricane – The Weather Channel
@alroker – Al Roker, meteorologist of NBC’s Today Show
@cnnbrk – Breaking news from CNN, including storm updates
@wunderground – Following weather from around the world


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