Where your mind goes, your energy flows…

Isn’t it strange that sometimes the most ridiculously small task can feel like moving a mountain, but another really heavy one just feels like a swift? Some years back I had a CEO that always told me the quote in the subject of this post, because he was so sure, that if you’re not really enjoy your work you can’t be really good at it.

Of course there are many degrees of that saying, but I think it actually makes a lot of sense. This quote (in the picture) is almost the same one. But I think this quote is more focused on actually finding what we believe in, and through that find interest and energy, both in our professional life, as in our private dito.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday, a day that’s sometimes called “little Saturday”in Sweden.

@ Pedro Hansson – Leafs over our open roof while going on a sightseeing tour in Barcelona – Nikon D7000


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