Will it finally happen?

Here in Sweden the autumn is really getting a grip of mother nature. The nature is in it’s most beautiful state, on the other hand the days are shorter, and the winds are getting chillier for each day, but maybe the Swedish society is starting to getting warmer?

© Pedro Hansson

The last months we’ve had some debate in Sweden regarding our responsibility as citizens to help other people out when something have happened to them. The debate here in Sweden started after a guy fell down on a subway track and a few minutes later was robbed (!!), lying there helpless. The robber took his cell phone and wallet and let him be run over by the subway train. Totally unbelievable! For those who wonder what happened to him; he amazingly survived!

After this I’ve really started to see a change in Sweden. For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that this is a close topic for me, and I guess for all the people that moves from smaller cities to larger ones since the difference in anonymity is huge. (Previous posts here: https://saarimner.com/category/about-personal-thoughts/)

Today, while I was out buying some fresh bread for breakfast, preparing for the Korean F1-race, I noticed three cars that had stopped to help a woman lying on the side of the road, and I guess there were like 10 people helping the woman out! It may sound strange to reflect on this, but I actually think that positive things start to happen, and maybe the story about the man on the subway track was a start for something new? Last week Swedish police (yes, the Swedish Police posts things on Facebook 🙂 ) also posted a story about a woman who have helped a helpless man against two young robbers, and she was all over the news the next day.

Can all these events be start of something new? A warmer and more caring society as a whole? As I always state my political view as naive, I will keep on believing that we one day will have that great society where everyone is seen.

.. and maybe, maybe things are a changing?

One thought on “Will it finally happen?

  1. I hope so; I sure do. That when social media can play such a positive role – by reporting for the good, rather than the bad. I wish for peace, and all we can do is our part in creating that ripple effect. After all, it starts with one person 🙂

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