B/W photos colored to reflect history

This is a powerful article I’ve found yesterday, about old B/W-photos that now has been colored and how they actually describes the reality in a new way. Two of the photos are really graphic (warning), and when colored even more horrifying than before.

For me this was an eye-opener. It’s easy to think that the history looks so much different than the present, but I guess it’s easy to imagine that things were more different than they were.

-> Link to the article

Picture from Gizmodo

4 thoughts on “B/W photos colored to reflect history

  1. That sure is a scary image, whether in black or white. I love old houses, sometimes it’s because they look so old, but it’s strange to think that at some point they were saturated in color and looking brand new. It’s really strange to think about it that way. Great post!

  2. I remember the first time I saw it. I was a child at the time and it was so horrible! What I found strange with this article is that things really look so more “real” when the pics are colored than in old B/W. It’s almost like the mind thinks that everything was in B/W back in history. Thanks for your kind comment!

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